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Beefy Finance Partnership

To all Knights⚔️⚔️
we are happy and proud to announce this great partnership with Beefy Finance. Whether markets are going up or down, one thing remains the same: the team keeps working all the time!

🐮 Beefy × 👑 KingDeFi: new vaults and boost

We are excited to announce that KingDeFi is joining Beefy 🚀 Launchpool and getting Beefy Vaults

Please welcome two new vaults on Beefy:

1️⃣ KRW1641% APY, 0.79% daily

2️⃣ KRW-BNB LP2912% APY, 0.94% daily

✅ Like all Beefy vaults, the staked tokens compound automatically

Beefy will boost one of their vault APY with KRW tokens as an extra reward for Beefy users later today:

KRW/BNB pool at
KRW single staking pool

Happy farming at:

Join the Kingdom

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