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Beefy.Finance x KingDeFi AMA — Recap

👨‍💻 Ken: Hello and Welcome to KingDefi Community @realmooncow 👋
Hello as well to our KingDefi Team Member @KingDeFi_Lancelot

🐮 Moon Cow: Thank you Ken. Really glad to be here
👑 King Arthur: Hi all great event and partnership!

👨‍💻 Ken: Before we start, can you introduce yourself to the community @realmooncow?

🐮 Moon Cow: Yes sure. So a bit about myself: I’ve been holding crypto since 2016, and working in the space since 2018.
At a few big centralised companies, but went full on defi with beefy since the start of this year. I’m leading communications there after the DAO voted me in.

👨‍💻 Ken: That’s a great opportunity for you 👨‍💻 Surely you are doing an awesome job!

🐮 Moon Cow: Well, it helps that my day job is to promote something I’m a big holder of. It’s a unique way to work. And it pays the bills too. So yeah let’s get into some questions about KingDeFi. I’m sure some of our cowmoonity are here to learn more.

👨‍💻 Q1. Could you tell us a little bit about KingDeFi’s Project and your team?

KingDeFi is a DeFi project combining two main areas: earning and monitoring. The earning part offers its users, the Knights, a large variety of farming options all based on BSC and Solana. The monitoring part provides the Knights an overall market overview, a search engine to find the highest yields and a personalized portfolio tracking tool.

The team behind the KingDefi project is a team of professionals — that includes highly skilled Solidity developers — with many years of experience in different key sectors such as IT/technology, finance and marketing. The core team lives in Switzerland, a country not only known for its legacy banking system but also for its progressive crypto legislation. The “Crypto Valley” in Zug is a thriving reality of which the team is an active part of. This will play a key role in forging future partnerships and expanding the project. Our long-term experience in both sectors: technology and banking provides us with the right toolset to make KingDefi a success story.

🐮 Moon Cow: Quick typer :) I think I can match that for my answers too
I didn’t know you were based in Switzerland, nice. How is the crypto scene there now?

👑 King Arthur: …it’s quite powerful i have to admit, i have been collaborating and be member of the crypto valley in Zug since 2017, collaborating with various top leading institutions such as BTCS, Sygnum etc

It’s great to be in a country that understand and support crypto business and also provide full access to services that are key to blockchain entrepreneurs

🐮 Moon Cow: So you made your intros to Beefy last week by showing us the pool dashboard. Can you tell everyone what the dashboards are all about?

👨‍💻 Q2. What is the Pool Dashboard offered by KingDeFi and what are the advantages for Beefy users in using KingDeFi’s platform?

👑 King Arthur: KingDefi’s dashboard provides you with a full overview of all major BSC and Solana projects of which Beefy is likely one of the fastest growing ones. Knights can check several metrics such as TVL, most popular liquidity pools and track the highest yields. It is your only “go to” place for all your farming needs.

While Beefy is optimizing yields by automatically reinvesting its users’ staked funds in the most efficient way, King DeFi supports its Knights by tracking and monitoring their yields and providing them an overview about all their portfolio assets and their achieved returns. Beefy and King Defi is the optimal matchmaking for every DeFi investor.

🐮 Moon Cow: Yes, so beefy users could use King to identify popular Beefy vaults, and then make decisions on where to stake their assets based on some of your additional data?

👑 King Arthur: exactly, plus they have the possibility to monitor historical data, which helps to trach both TVL and performance of your pool overtime, also they can benchmark top TVL pools so that they have an idea of how tvl across multipairs developed overtime

🐮 Moon Cow: Hopefully a nice way for new users to learn about the advantages of staking with beefy. Most notably that you get more of what you actually staked — and don’t have to handle promo coins from other platforms.

So what about King and Beefy working even more closely together?

👨‍💻 Q3. What does the friendship between KingDeFi and Beefy consist of? Will you also be issuing pools together?

King DeFi and Beefy are both yield optimizer on BSC, collaboration between two of the most reliable and professional farming projects it is key in order to support the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. In addition we are currently planning to launch pools together where both community members will be able to earn KROWN and BIFI and in the future a combination of both, this helps the two project to strength their farming offering, providing additional value to farmers and increasing analytics functionalities via KingDeFi pool search engine dashboard

🐮 Moon Cow: Yes. Our devs are doing their due diligence with your code and logic right now. As you progress I am looking forward to some of these new BSC vaults

👨‍💻 Q4. Can you describe the current status of the project and your farming offering? How close are things to being ready to fire on all cylinders?

👑 King Arthur: We have already a strong offering in terms of analytics: main BSC market outlook dashboard and Solana dashboard. Plus we have launched and already implemented top farming projects into our pool search engine interface, Beefy logically is one of them. Regarding farms we are launching next week our own farm offering where people can stake KRW and a mix of pairs such as KRW/BNB, KRW/BUSD, KRW/Cake etc.. rewards will be at the beginning in KRW and later in the incoming week a mix as well or earning such as KRW&Cake and other.
So quite a lot already on the table and more to come

🐮 Moon Cow: Ok nice. So the farms are on their way. That’s when it starts to get really interesting for most of our users — if an when the beefy devs start vaulting them.

I have one more question to ask, a bit more general. Before you ask some questions about Beefy

👑 King Arthur: we are really excited to start with farming and our community / investor as well

👨‍💻 Q5. What do you think is the next development direction of DeFi? What are the plans behind the KingDeFi project?

👑 King Arthur: We strongly believe DeFi will eventually replace the legacy banking system. We are still very early in this development and of course the sector needs to go through a maturity process first, cleansing out the “pump and dump” projects and their valueless tokens.

Over time though the best projects and best teams will prevail and King DeFi will be one of the few winners. The potential of DeFi is unmeasurably huge, especially with institutional interest slowly building up.

Being early in this development with a strong offering and even stronger partnerships as the one we are starting with Beefy now, will give us a head-start and competitive advantage over the long-term

🐮 Moon Cow: With crypto I always feel late and early at the same time

👑 King Arthur: yes i agree but late for the crypto world, but respect traditional finance we are the future… i still remember myself trying to explain what Ethereum is to bankers in 2017, and now explaining DeFi… we come first, we understand first, we believe it first so we will be the innovators that’s the reality :)

🐮 Moon Cow: Yes. And now with millions of users we are unstoppable I think

👑 King Arthur: so Mooncow i think the KingDeFi community is excited to learn more about Beefy, i am quite sure most of our member knows your project but this is a great opportunity to deep more into your very powerful business

So tell us all about Beefy.Finance. What is it?

🐮 Moon Cow: Yeah; let’s get into it. Then we can give away some beefCAKE NFTs before our crowd questions to you. Many of your users might already know.

Beefy Finance is the Multichain Yield Optimizer Yield Optimizer platform that allows its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) users to earn compound interest on their holdings.

DeFi applications are unique in the sense that they are permissionless and trustless, meaning that anyone with a supported wallet can interact with them without the need for a trusted middleman.

Through a set of investment strategies secured and enforced by smart contracts, Beefy Finance automatically maximizes the user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs),‌ ‌automated market making (AMM) projects,‌ ‌and‌ ‌other yield‌ farming ‌opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem.

One of the reasons we’ve been doing this AMAs this week is to let people know some of the product upgrades we’ve made to make farming with us safer and even more profitable

Let me share a link about our new pure CAKE Vault

We’ve seen a lot of developements, some good some bad on bsc in the last months

And so we have focused our attention on blue chip offerings that new users can trust.

👑 King Arthur: this is a great news! it looks like you keep developing new features which is key and also our approach, BSC still play a very good role in terms of scalability but we and other are as well going Multichain with Polygon which you did as well recently and we are planning too

🐮 Moon Cow: Yes. Where there is trustworthy yield, you will find the Beefy devs close behind building vaults

👑 King Arthur: can you tell us a bit more on top of new products what can users do on Beefy.Finance?

🐮 Moon Cow: Sure. As you said, we are still in quite a young industry. Smart Chain (and Beefy) only became a thing last September.

But already. there are lots of different farms out there offering different interest rates and attractive token rewards in DeFi.

This makes it very profitable to jump from one farm to the next to maximize your earnings. But it’s not easy to take advantage of that on your own.

Beefy is an automated service that seeks to gain the maximum possible return on your crypto-investments made through those platforms. This is much more efficient than attempting to maximize your returns by doing everything manually.

It also means you don’t have to sit in front of a screen all day.

Beefy is a platform that auto-compounds your crypto for maximum ROI with minimum effort. And with our number one focus being safety and security it’s a good place to enter the space from.

When we add King vaults it will only be after our dev team took a really good look at your code

👑 King Arthur: that’s great to have partners which take a strong approach to security as we do for our king vaults, we have are now close to complete certik audit and this is a key milestone for kingdefi, as well having more and more projects like us will help the ecosystem to grow safety and eliminate the big amount of project which investor cannot trust at all

Can you tell the community what’s make beefy really unique compare to other projects?

🐮 Moon Cow: Beefy is the “set and forget” platform for yield farming; toiling quietly and efficiently in the background while you go about your regular business.

We’re here for anyone who wants to benefit from the upside of complex farming strategies but doesn’t have the time or patience to click buttons and move crypto around all day.

There are other yield optimisers though

And I think what sets Beefy apart is two fold

One is that you always earn more of the actual asset yield staked. We sell the promo coins of other platforms automatically with every harvest. And that means you don’t have any additional currency risk coming from those inflationary coins.

When people get their head round that, they are 99% ready to jump in. And that’s why we saw such huge growth on polygon in just a few weeks

The second part is the BIFI token itself and the platform revenue share it offers to stakers

I’ll share a link to a medium for that

So that we can jump straight in to the giveaway

👑 King Arthur: Very insightful!

[…] Give-away part

👑 King Arthur: long ama is an interesting AMA :)

🐮 Moon Cow: Ok great. This one is from Nikita on Twitter:

On your site you mention AI. How does AI fit into KingDeFi?

👑 King Arthur: in practice as we have analytics and api integration with most of the top yield aggregators across bsc we are able to monitor and pool aggregated data in one place…in this way we apply AI in order to select best pool to launch comparing reward per node of competitors and select best pools/apr distribution… this is important also to control sell and buy pressure vs expected reward balances

🐮 Moon Cow: So it’s not just about monitoring? It will influence what pools you offer?

👑 King Arthur: yes it logically support pool selection

🐮 Moon Cow: Ok thanks. This next one is from KX Yeo, about your community efforts:

As your project is built and grown, how do you take into account community feedback, contributions, and requests?

👑 King Arthur: We have continuous interaction with our community, and we take into string consideration all feedback from them, for example when they ask for new listing, or when they what to add some new UI functionalities, we don’t only have CM interacting with them but we are actively involved on daily basis

myself, the dev team and all team members

🐮 Moon Cow: Nice, ok let’s round this off with one more from Twitter

From Tokotoa

You are already on Solana but, are there any plans to expand KingDeFi’s ecosystem into a multi-chain yield farm that aggregates other networks such as Polygon, Cardano (when its available), and etc in the future?

How do you decide what chains to target?

👑 King Arthur: Yes we are currently evaluating expansion to Polygon at the moment, we use three criteria of selection: fees and scalability, how expansion quick and easy can be (Polygon is a “fast jump on implementation”) and logically how innovative is the technology behind

🐮 Moon Cow: Solid. In our experience it’s good to make strong partnerships upfront, before expanding

Working with Quickswap, Cometh and Sushi from day one on Polygon has been a blessing

👑 King Arthur: yes i fully agree, partnerships are key in all sense in this market, and will be even more in the future as few projects stay long

🐮 Moon Cow: Sounds like a good note to end this on

Thank you for hosting us Mark

👑 King Arthur: Many thanks for this amazing AMA

🐮 Moon Cow: If you get into our launchpool programme we will be glad to host you in the future too

👑 King Arthur: and look forward to start working together very soon 💪



The first AI Multi Chain Yield Aggregator.

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