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Expansion Plan & Roadmap

Dear Knights,

the King would like to share with you the marketing and expansion plan of his Project & Community.

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These have been intense months and the whole team is very happy with the successes achieved so far. That’s why everyone is working even harder and focused on the next goals. 🤴🧑‍💻💪

Many milestones and promises have been delivered, but there is still a lot we want to do and will do.
Having had a 100% filling of the presale gives us great motivation and we are very happy that more than 800 Knights believe in our project!


We have recently signed a partnership with a major marketing agency based in China and very strong in the whole asian market: WXY. This will boost the project on the Chinese and Asian markets!🚀🚀🚀

WXY served and has collaboration with some of the top blockchain projects in Asia such as:


🌎 Marketing Objective

  • Raise KingDeFi’s brand awareness and credibility;
  • Build up the recognition of KingDeFi among the target audience and finally realize the conversion;
  • Make the investment from influential funds to endorse KingDeFi;
  • Improve token’s discussions & attention after listing with community promotion, influence other Exchanges and facilitate further listing opportunities with more bargaining power;
  • For a long-term operation, acquire more and more users to trade.

💎 Strategy: 6 Essentials to Achieve Success in China Market

  • Target on exchanges with good reputation, better liquidity for listing;
  • Marketing to drive brand awareness, create credibility among business side;
  • Community reinforcement to provide more users, and take action;
  • Leverage the KOLs influential, use their influential to endorse for platform;
  • Leverage business partners resource (Exchanges’ communities);
  • Attractive operation activity with Exchange, like trading contest, staking, lockdrop etc.

🔥 Promotion Strategy

A. Brand Awareness (long-term operation)

  • Buildup unique brand position and spread the differentiation;
  • Co-branding and promoting in China local communities, to leverage partners influence in China;
  • Media endorsement from the western media and localisation into Chinese to build up credibility;
  • High frequency and extensive exposure on blockchain media and mass media;
  • Daily operation to build project contents and social media matrix.

B. Community Reaching (now target on listing and IDO)

  • AMA to answer the questions investors mostly cared and increase brand awareness;
  • Community cooperation with outside community, like institutional investors community, KOL’s community and exchange community;
  • Privilege to community leaders : like discounted Quota, use the benefit to inspire them to help enhance and promote the awareness of KingDeFi;
  • Self owned community build up and operation to build up holders;
  • Social Campaign During Listing Period;
  • Create some opportunity to have conversation with influential persons, such as top Chinese & Western exchange founders / VCs, leverage their influence and enlarge it on social media to drive discussion, at the mean time raise the project awareness;
  • Various communication contents like H5, Memes, Flash, Podcast etc, and distribute them to different channels;
  • Lucky drawer/ Trading competition, to give users benefit and encourage their action, provide token as winners reward;


We are happy to announce that we have finalised audit of KROWN contract with a pass rate of 100%!!💪💪

No high, neither medium or low severity issues👍

Thank you to all of you to support KingDeFi, we keep coding and developing a very strong & safe business🤴🧑‍💻💪


We have introduced the Solana Dashboard, which is live and running and with the same information you have always found for the Binance Smart Chain.
In addition, our designers thought of improving the experience on our platform by chromatically differentiating the two blockchains. Here’s that BSC now has an all-yellow look, while SOLANA has its main colors detailed by the purple-green gradient.

Knights can control the total value locked in Solana DeFi, read the top 5 projects per market cap, compare the weekly top 5 yield optimisers, see the top 10 projects per TVL and detailed token infos.


We have included ACryptoS and Swamp Finance within the Pool Dashboard and are in close contact with the Beefy Finance team to integrate their pools as well.


Our dev team is finalising the farming contracts and they will be sent out for audit soon. We will launch our farming in July, as planned.


The next important appointment will be the Crowdsale 🚀

🌎 Only on

🗓 Start: June 14, 2021, 11:00 AM UTC (13:00 CEST)
🗓 End: June 18, 2021, 11:00 AM UTC (13:00 CEST)

Tokens to be sold: 20% = 2,000,000,000

Price per token = 0.002 BUSD, participation with BUSD

Please read all the details here:

➡️ Tokenomics
➡️ How to buy KROWN Tokens


Adding liquidity to Pancakeswap & other main BSC DEXs

🗓 Start: June 21, 2021, 11:00 AM UTC (13:00 CEST)

The liquidity currently available in Pancake Swap is not from us but from a presale buyer that added a tiny amount — in fact less than 20 BUSD — of liquidity.

Once we’ve added our own liquidity to Pancake Swap, we will establish the price at the IDO price of 0.003 BUSD.

We are zero worried about the currently provided tiny liquidity.

This is a long-term project and we are looking for investors instead of short-term traders attempting to make a few bucks.

As we are a yield aggregator, we will continue decreasing selling pressure by adding more liquidity over time.

Nobody can control the market price but we are not aware of any other projects that provide a yield aggregator and an analytics + portfolio tracking platform across the two most popular blockchains BSC and Solana.


We are aiming to further expand our team of developers and intend to dedicate full-time resources to portfolio tracking development from July.

As a general advice: only select projects you believe in, hold for the long-term and don’t fall for short term hypes. We’ve learned this from the past. All projects that have built a serious business, that have kept developing and that have ignored the short-term noise, have eventually been rewarded. This is our target for this project as well — we are here for the long-term! 🤴🧑‍💻💪


Watch out this space for more information about KingDeFi. To keep updated with the latest developments, connect with us on:

🌎 Website:
🤖 Announcement Channel:
🖌️ Telegram Community:
🐦 Twitter:
👾 Discord:



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