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First sales round: SOLD OUT

The King is pleased to announce that 802 Knights have joined his Kingdom during the presale of the KROWN token.

500'000'000 KROWN tokens for a total of 500'000 BUSD were sold in the first sales round.

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The King wishes to express his gratitude to all new Knights and ensures that his team will continue putting in the hard work and makes good use of the collected funds. This includes the continuous development of the platform, new developers to join the team very soon and not least — marketing initiatives to expand the Kingdom further.

During the presale it was successfully prevented that whales could secure a large portion of KROWN tokens, thanks to the individual cap. All KROWN tokens are currently spread across 802 different wallets — a strong and coherent Knight community is what the King and his team have wished for.

The team wants to make clear that “official” Pancakeswap liquidity will only be added on June, 21st AFTER the crowdsale has been completed. However, the team cannot prevent presale Knights to add liquidity to Pancakeswap. We are aware some Knights have added a tiny portion of liquidity already but any purchases or sells will cause very significant price slippage and are therefore not recommended by the team.

The next and final crowdsale phase will take place on June 14th at 11:00 am UTC (1 pm CEST) when 20% of the token supply = 2,000,000,000 KROWN tokens are to be sold.

Support the King and his team. Spread the word, recruit new Knights and help the Kingdom grow.

Fellow Knights, hail to the King!

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