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KingDeFi Weekly Development Update — 01

Welcome to week one of KingDeFi’s new, regular feature article, in which the team will provide development updates for the benefit of our beloved Knights. It will also look at upcoming features slated for addition to our innovative accelerator pad. We hope you all enjoy the series and get a lot from it as well.

Week ending 2/7/2021

The past week was full of interesting news and additions. The main things were:

  • Farms launch
  • Gas fee issue solved
  • CertiK 100% Findings resolved
  • RugDoc misunderstanding solved
  • Emission new stable coins farms
  • New projects added to Main Dashboard
  • UI improvements
  • One More Thing…

Farms launch

On 21 June we launched the King’s Farms. Long awaited by all Knights, finally made it possible for everyone to staking their KROWN tokens.

🔐 KROWN single vault

Gas fee issue solved

Despite the fact that the farming contract had already passed two audit processes with TechRate and CertiK, critical issues arose in the management of gas fees. So the dev team got sleep deprived and set about finding a solution! It took just 3 days and the KROWN v.2 pool was released.

CertiK 100% Findings resolved

In addition to solving the problem with the gas fees, the dev team also managed to resolve all the minor issues raised during the previous CertiK audit. This made it possible to obtain a new audit with 100% of the issues resolved. We are one of the very few projects that can claim this excellent result.
Check the auditor’s website for full details:

RugDoc misunderstanding solved

The team then resolved the serious misunderstanding that had occurred with RugDoc. For strange reasons we had been classified as a high-risk project. Once again the team was able to explain the seriousness of the project and provide all the evidence to clear up any doubts.

So eventually RugDoc also realised the error and corrected the classification on its website: Low Risk. As it should be.

Emission new stable coins farms

The team emitted new stable coins farms 🧑‍🌾


New projects added to Main Dashboard

We are always selecting and adding new projects to our Main Dashboard, both from BSC and Solana.


🔹Price 24H%
🔹Circulating Supply
🔹Market Cap
🔹Total Value Locked
🔹TVL 24H%

UI improvements

We are working on improving the UI of the farms page. At the top of the page the data of our Project will be displayed: Price, Total TVL, Market Cap and Diluted Market Cap.

We are also working on ensuring that the wallet remains connected to the platform at all times.

One More Thing…

There is a very important new partnership that we will announce on Monday. We are very excited about this news. Unfortunately we can’t tell you all the details yet. Stay tuned..

The Wrap

Well, we hope you enjoyed the first of our new regular series tracking the growth and development of KingDeFi’s Project. We are building as fast as we can, whilst prioritising quality and security of the protocol, very highly.

The team also really values our community and always love to hear your opinions and feedback. We look forward to hearing more from you all in the great discussion going on with our awesome mods in the community chat.

Join the Kingdom

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The first AI Multi Chain Yield Aggregator.

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The first AI Multi Chain Yield Aggregator.

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