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KingDeFi Weekly Development Update — 03

Welcome to week three of KingDeFi’s new, regular feature article, in which the team provides development updates for the benefit of our beloved Knights. We hope you all enjoy the series and get a lot from it as well.

Week ending 16/7/2021

The past week was also full of interesting news and additions. The main things were:

  • Partnership with Beefy Finance
  • Major update farms UI/UX
  • Emission new farms: WEX–KRW and BIFI–KRW
  • New projects added to Main Dashboard
  • One More Thing…

💪 Partnership with Beefy Finance

We are very proud and excited about this new partnership with Beefy Finance. KingDeFi has joined Beefy 🚀 Launchpool and getting Beefy Vaults.

🐮 Beefy × 👑 KingDeFi: new vaults and boost

Please welcome two new vaults on Beefy:

1️⃣ KRW1641% APY, 0.79% daily
2️⃣ KRW-BNB LP2912% APY, 0.94% daily

✅ Like all Beefy vaults, the staked tokens compound automatically

Beefy boosted one of their vault APY with KRW tokens as an extra reward for Beefy users:

Happy farming at:

👨‍💻 Major update farms UI/UX

We have released the Phase 1 farms UI update:

  1. Connect wallet: one login “forever”
  2. Approval fees: only one time
  3. Farms drill down feature
  4. Summary overview of all farms
  5. Farms back-end optimisation*

* This is an extremely important upgrade as it allows us to manage the entire farming data infrastructure and API via back-end, speed up the process of launching farms by 10x, help us to add analytics for farms in the future, and facilitate front end developers work and interaction with back-end and smart contracts.

We have a Phase 2 scheduled for next week:

  1. Add counter value of all farms deposit, pending and balance in $USD
  2. Add total portfolio value and total pending value in $USD
  3. Add harvest-all function
  4. Add view my deposit only farms

🚜 Emission new farms: WEX–KRW and BIFI–KRW

The King has emitted new farms:



📊 New projects added to Main Dashboard

We are always selecting and adding new projects to our Main Dashboard, both from BSC and Solana.

This week we added:
Cybertime Finance, Biswap and dForce

🔹Price 24H%
🔹Circulating Supply
🔹Market Cap
🔹Total Value Locked
🔹TVL 24H%

🥂 One More Thing…

We don’t stop here and we always have something new in mind to develop: next week we will announce our double rewards incubation farms where other projects can join in. We are very excited about this news. Unfortunately we can’t tell you all the details yet. Stay tuned..

The Wrap

It’s been another busy week, full of news and important updates. The whole team is very motivated and working hard for the success of the project.

The team also really values our community and always love to hear your opinions and feedback. We look forward to hearing more from you all in the great discussion going on with our awesome mods in the community chat.

Join the Kingdom

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The first AI Multi Chain Yield Aggregator.

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