KingDeFi Weekly Development Update — 05

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3 min readJul 30, 2021


Welcome to week five of KingDeFi’s regular feature article, in which the team provides development updates for the benefit of our beloved Knights. We hope you all enjoy the series and get a lot from it as well.

Week ending 30/7/2021

The past week was also full of interesting news and additions.
The main things were:

  • Emission new farms: AUTO–KRW and XVS–KRW
  • Automatic pending mechanism
  • Circulating Supply calculation
  • Design of official Avatars
  • New projects added to Main Dashboard
  • Listing on Delta Tracker App
  • Opening a new regional community: Indonesia
  • One More Thing…

🚜 Emission new farms

This week we issued new farms:



🤖 Automatic pending mechanism

All farms pending are now updating continuously with an automatic mechanism. We have removed contract interaction pending update, we have as well removed the (?)

🧮 Circulating Supply calculation

Our dev team developed a new smart contract to calculate circulating supply automatically and more precisely.

This update will be also reflected by CMC, BscScan and CoinGecko trough our API. You can already find the correct data on our website.

🦸‍♂️ Design of official Avatars

The team has designed these images so you can show your support by wearing them as your profile picture! Have fun choosing the one that represents you best and use them on all your social profiles!

Who knows, maybe one day they could become NFTs!

Download them directly from here or request them from our community managers. They will be happy to help you.

📊 New projects added to Main Dashboard

We are always selecting and adding new projects to our Main Dashboard, both from BSC and Solana.

This week we added:
Infinity Crypto and Fruit

🔹Price 24H%
🔹Circulating Supply
🔹Market Cap
🔹Total Value Locked
🔹TVL 24H%

🧰 Listing on Delta Tracker App

We are now officially listed on Delta Tracker App, Knights! One app to track all your investments. Fully free 🎉

Download the app here and add your KROWN investment!

🇮🇩 Opening a new regional community: Indonesia

We have opened a new Telegram channel for all our Indonesian members!

🥳 Join us here:

🥂One More Thing…

Something important is brewing. Maybe it’s an important new partnership, or the announcement of new features, who knows? Find out soon!

The Wrap

It’s been another busy week, full of news and important updates. The whole team is very motivated and working hard for the success of the project.

The team also really values our community and always love to hear your opinions and feedback. We look forward to hearing more from you all in the great discussion going on with our awesome mods in the community chat.

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