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KingDeFi Weekly Development Update — 06

Welcome to week six of KingDeFi’s regular feature article, in which the team provides development updates for the benefit of our beloved Knights. We hope you all enjoy the series and get a lot from it as well.

Week ending 06/8/2021

The past week was also full of interesting news and additions.
The main things were:

  • New solidity dev joined the team
  • New partnerships
  • Updated Roadmap
  • New AMAs
  • New projects added to Main Dashboard
  • Listing on Defistation
  • Tooltips add-on
  • Minor website update
  • CMC issue

👩‍🚀 New solidity dev joined the team

The KingDeFi team keeps growing!

We just hired a new smart contract engineer. He will be focusing on developing the AutoCompounding and the Portfolio Tracking.
Welcome Sir Dinadan! Find out more about him here.

💪 New partnerships

This week we have signed two important partnerships, which will help the growth and development of the Kingdom.

🔗 Blockster: a site designated to deliver latest news of crypto & blockchain to every crypto enthusiasts around the globe.
Join waitlist // KingDeFi’s Blockster

🔗 Wall Street Games: is a next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, where players battle each other in fun & addicting simple games for rewards in cryptocurrencies! One of the fastest growing project on BSC!

What does this partnership also bring? A 12,000$ twelve-day gaming competition with KingDeFi on WSG platform!
Play public games with $WSG only and win $KRW rewards!
🎲 More details here.

We know many of you have been waiting for the announcement of another important partnership. Don’t worry we are working on it and it will be announced next week. We want to give proper attention to this important achievement!

🏋️ Updated Roadmap

A lot has happened in the last few months and there have been a lot of developments and new ideas. Also, and more importantly, lot of the points in the previous roadmap have been achieved. So we thought it was important to update our roadmap to include our vision for the future.

I refer you to reading the detail roadmap here on our website.

🎭 New AMAs

To talk about the many new features and to further promote our project this week, we participated in two AMAs on the BSC-Science and BSC-Talk telegram channels.
We were really pleased with the level of engagement from the BSC-Science community. At question time we received pertinent questions from interested users. This pleased us very much. Read the entire transcript of the AMA which is really interesting.

BSC-Science full transcript // BSC-Talk full transcript

📊 New projects added to Main Dashboard

We are always selecting and adding new projects to our Main Dashboard, both from BSC and Solana.

This week we added:

🔹Price 24H%
🔹Circulating Supply
🔹Market Cap
🔹Total Value Locked
🔹TVL 24H%

🧰 Listing on Defistation

We got listed on Defistation. This further increases the visibility of the project.

📐 Tooltip add-on

We have improved the graphics of the chart section in the King Farms page. There are now handy tooltips simply available with the mouse-over.

🐛 We have also fixed a bug that was affecting the correct calculation of the ∂% compared to the closing of the day before.

👨‍💻 Simply refresh the page and enjoy this update

🖥 Minor website update

We updated the site slightly, removing the “About” page which was a repeat, inserting the “Team” page, placing the email icon along with the others in the top right side of the page. We have also updated the “Roadmap”.

📈 CMC issue

We are aware that the data currently displayed by CoinMarketCap are not correct. In particular the Circulating Supply is not correct and therefore neither is the MarketCap.
In addition there is the problem that CMC is confusing our KROWN token (KRW) with the South Korean Won (KRW).
We have opened a ticket to resolve this and are waiting for them to resolve.

The Wrap

It’s been another busy week, full of news and important updates. The whole team is very motivated and working hard for the success of the project.

The team also really values our community and always love to hear your opinions and feedback. We look forward to hearing more from you all in the great discussion going on with our awesome mods in the community chat.

Join the Kingdom

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