KingDeFi Weekly Development Update — 19

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4 min readNov 7, 2021


Welcome to week nineteen of KingDeFi’s regular feature article, in which the team provides development updates for the benefit of our beloved Knights. We hope you all enjoy the series and get a lot from it as well.

Week ending 05/11/2021

The past week had great news and additions.
The main things were:

  • Launch of Avalanche Main Dashboard
  • Launch of Avalanche Farms
  • Burning Event planned
  • Application to Blizzard funding
  • Application DeBank wallet
  • AMAs

🏔 Launch of Avalanche Main Dashboard

This week we launched the Avalanche Main Dashboard.
All the statistics you’re already familiar with are now available also for the Avalanche Ecosystem:

🔺Total TVL
🔺Top 5 Market Cap
🔺Weekly Top 5 Yield Optimisers
🔺Top 10 DeFi Projects by TVL
🔺Single Tokens

🚜 Launch of Avalanche Farms

Native farms on Avalanche were launched:

Start farming here:

If you have any doubts or problems remember to use our guides on GitBook. Many things are explained there and included are all the steps on how to set up Metamask for the Avalanche Blockchain and how to successfully bridge KRW tokens from one chain to another.
If after reading the guides contact our CMs in Telegram or Discord groups. There will always be someone ready to help you.

We’re evaluating partners for the expansion on Avalanche Ecosystem.

🔥 Burning Event planned

We planned a new Burning Event. More details will be released next week.

🥶 Application to Blizzard funding

We applied to the Blizzard fund.
The Blizzard team replied and we stay tuned.

👝 Application DeBank wallet

We ask our Knights to sustain the application on DeBank Wallet.
Please vote here.

🗣 AMAs

We completed 5 Global AMA sessions.
2 of them where with our Moonlight friends in both our Telegram groups. They explained how their BubbleMaps work and what the connections between the dots mean. They pointed out that our project is absolutely safe and there are no strange connections between wallets. You can see our map here.

We loved the idea of vocal AMAs and decided to hold a special one for our community. So get ready and prepare all the smart questions you want to ask our CEO, Mark. He will be available for this investor chat. We have not yet set a date for this event, but we will keep you updated. Please refrain from polemics and useless questions, try to be constructive and add value to the project.

We will have more cooperation with other communities & projects during next week and the future, please stay tuned!

By holding AMAs in different communities to answer the questions of our users, we keep expanding our Reign.


The team keeps developing!

The team also really values our community and always love to hear your opinions and feedback. We look forward to hearing more from you all in the great discussion going on with our awesome mods in the community chat.

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