Multi-Asset Yield Optimiser explained

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4 min readOct 8, 2021


In this article we explain the expansion of our new high performing continuous compounding mechanism to LP farms where rewards are other than KROWN. Adding buyback & burn KROWN integrated system.

➡️ Functionalities will be live mid October.

📑 What is in a nutshell

As most of our investors already know we’ve specially engineered the smart contract so that everyone’s rewards compound each time there is some user interaction with the contract. For those wondering what entails a user interaction, depositing, withdrawing and harvesting are all user interactions which will trigger a compound event.

More times you compound, the higher the APY.

In the current DeFi landscape there are still a lot of projects working with manual compounding farms, or in alternative compounding with bots on daily basis.

From a mathematical prospective all those farms are inefficient when compared to KingDeFi’s compounding model. We have decided that it would be an amazing opportunity to expand our compounding offering to additional farms, bringing innovation and efficiency.

🖥 New features

There are some important functions which we have added to this new smart contract, in summary:

  • LPs and farms will not distribute rewards in KROWN but in tokens other than KROWN;
  • 2% of the performance generated by the continuous compounding will be allocated to the “buyback and burn KROWN” mechanism. Related statistics will be present in the UI.
  • If you are new to DeFi and you need to create an LP, you can do this automatically on KingDeFi website, no need to go to PancakeSwap or other DEXes, our smart contract automatically creates the LP for you;
  • We have introduced the new KROWN boost functionality, allowing to convert in KROWN your LPs instantly;
  • We opted for a lower fee model than our competitors:
    (Deposit fee: 0%, Withdrawal fee: 0.05%).

For additional reference to contract interaction compounding model, please refer to this article.

⚙️ How does it work

1. Continuous compounding: each contract interaction boosts compounding APY performance producing higher APY for investors;

2. Users will be able to stake different tokens than KROWN and get rewarded with the respective LP, single tokens, or both;

3. Investors will be able to boost KROWN price converting the whole LP into KROWN. An automated swap from LP to KROWN will be performed by the contract and KROWN will be deposited into the wallet.

Which is the great advantage for our users: automated LPs creation functionality & earn other tokens than KROWN

Together with this new feature we have engineered the smart-contract in order to help users which are new to DeFi and make the process more efficient for all stakers.

It is sufficient that the user has only one of the LP tokens. Our contract will create the LP automatically. Same concept applies to withdrawal: the user can choose to receive the LP, or one of the two tokens of his choice.

🔥 How buy-back and burn function works

As mentioned continuous compounding contract allows to increase performances, 2% of it is then allocated automatically to buyback and burn KROWN. This methodology will help to manage inflation.

🚀 The new KROWN boost functionality

Some of our holders would like to accumulate KROWN, in order to promote this practice we have added the possibility for users to automatically convert their LP deposit into KROWN.

Remember that all these features will be live from mid-October

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