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The King Offers to his Knights

King DeFi farms

The King makes sure rug pulls are not happening. His guards are checking the safety of all pools before allowing them into the Kingdom. Knights can safely farm without any risks.

FTDP — Fixed Term Deposit Pools

FTDP are the King’s new disruptive smart contracts that aim for a maximum TVL within a predetermined amount and timeframe. This allows knights to stabilise their yields on their Krown deposits and reduces volatility for newly joining knights.

Watching the market

The King offers a knight-friendly advanced analytics dashboard to monitor TVL growth across all of BSC’s and Solana’s DeFi projects, apply on-chain ratio analysis, identify newly listed projects and check historical performance.

Searching the market

The King shows his knights where to find the highest yielding and most consistent pools across all BSC and Solana yield optimizer projects.

Tracking the market

The King’s portfolio tracking interface allows his knights to monitor yield returns, fees and their consolidated performance across all their Krown investments — the Kingdom’s native token.

Join the Kingdom

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The first AI Multi Chain Yield Aggregator.

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The first AI Multi Chain Yield Aggregator.

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