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Kingdom Game 4.0

🏆The first multi-chain project on KingdomStarter — Remnant Labs 👘

️🎉Huge news coming out with KingdomStarter today, we’re thrilled to announce the first Polygon project — Remnant Labs 🔥🔥

📌Process of the first Polygon project on KingdomStarter

1️⃣Switch your wallet to Polygon chain

2️⃣Prepare to join pool

🔸Blockchain fee: MATIC

🔸Swap currency: USDC

3️⃣Find Remnant Labs pool

4️⃣Join pool on time

📅Remnant Labs IGO will be started at 5AM UTC April 22nd. Don’t miss out on it !!

Making a note on your calendar & get prepared for the first multi-chain IGO with us 🔥🔥

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