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Kingdom Game 4.0

⭐️Build soccer squads and fight matches to earn rewards⚽️⚽️⚽️

1. What is GO Worldcup?

⚽️GO World Cup is The Simulated Virtual Reality World Championship developed on the blockchain. GO is actualized on the idea of ​​​​combining three billion-dollar markets in the modern entertainment industry including video games, football, and sports betting

2. What makes GO Worldcup stand out?

🔥Catching up with the popular WorldCup trend, GO WorldCup will provide users who enjoy football with a unique form of enjoyment. With the inclusion of numerous game types, including PvP, PvE, and special tournaments like the World Cup, GO Worldcup promises to provide players with a wealth of wonderful experiences.

💥Players can assemble powerful squads to take part in games and win prizes thanks to a variety of game formats and profitable NFT ROI. To participate in a match, a player must own a GO Team of 6 members consisting of 5 NFT MetaGoes and 1 auto-initiated Goalkeeper (non-NFT). Players will choose to compete with 1 of the available squads. These lineups will clearly show the odds of winning. Players do not need to pay an entry fee

🔻GO Worldcup will launch at a time when the Worldcup atmosphere is hotter than ever. Are you guys ready to join the IDO GO Worldcup on KingdomStarter on November 15th?



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