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Kingdom Game 4.0


🙋Dear community,

To warm up the atmosphere for KDGers, we are excited to introduce our users the program “Chat to earn with KDG” 💸💸

Time: From 8AM, Feb 23rd — 8AM, Mar 10th 2022(UTC)

🎁Rewards: $5 KDG/ winner/ day

➡️Winner: 1 most active user per day (excluding group admin)

👉 Activities will take place in:

📌Extra tasks:

✅Follow Kingdom Game 4.0 Announcement

✅Join KDG Official English

✅Follow KDG on Twitter


🔹Don’t count sticker messages, GIFs

🔹Don’t discuss other issues, only discuss positively about Kingdom Game 4.0

🔹Winner for each day will be announced daily on @kdg_en at 2PM UTC

🔹Winner list will be announced on Mar 11th, 2022

🔹Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the program ends

🔹KDG reserves the right to final interpretation of the program

🔹Apply to KDG Official English group

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