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Kingdom Game 4.0

📣1Shoot has successfully been listed on Gamehub 🎉🎉

🤜Let’s welcome the newest game on Game Hub — 1Shoot

⏩Link to 1Shoot on Game Hub:

1. About 1Shoot
️⚽️1Shoot Games gives you a chance to showcase your managerial abilities by allowing you to build your perfect football team. The game has you registering it in competitions, building the team’s attributes, and winning prizes based on your football knowledge.
👉Play the game at:

2. Tracking information of 1Shoot on Gamehub
With the listing on Gamehub of 1Shoot, our users can track these below information of 1Shoot:
⭐️Governance token: IDO price, current price, ROI, volume(24h)…
⭐️About the game: Name, trailer, category, link to play game…
⭐️About the project: Introduction, developers team, community,…

We are happy to work with 1Shoot and promise to bring more potential game projects to our Gamehub. Stay tuned 👏👏

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