Kingdom Game 4.0
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Kingdom Game 4.0


🤖Zerofi is a combat role-playing NFT game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform with Zero Fee goal and Metaverse orientation.

GamiFied Finance — a concept combining DeFi, NFT & Game is one of the most outstanding features of ZeroFi . And what’s more about this project can make it different from the others in blockchain world . So don’t miss our upcoming AMA, which is going to reveal all important information about ZeroFi project 🔥🔥

📝AMA info

🎙Speaker: Dzung Nguyen — COO & Co-founder

🎁Reward: 200 BUSD for 10 good questions (5 Pre-AMA & 5 Live-chat questions)

Time: 1 PM, March 9th (UTC)



1️⃣Meet & Greet

2️⃣Pre-AMA questions

👉Send HERE

3️⃣Live-chat questions

📌Rules: Winners must complete all following tasks & provide screenshots to @tinaa149

✅Join @zerofi_group and @zerofi_Channel on Telegram

✅Follow ZeroFi on Twitter

✅Join @kdg_en and @kdg_ann on Telegram

✅Follow KDG on Twitter

✅Forward this announcement to at least 3 crypto groups with no less than 1,000 members

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