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Kingdom Game 4.0


🤔Need to know more about SLEEP. Learn all the essentials of this amazing project by joining the AMA session with CEO of SLEEP

1. AMA details
📆Date: 1PM UTC September 26th
👤Host: Ms. Chloe | KDG
🗣Speaker: Mr Hessel — CEO of SLEEP
📗Topics: An introduction before IDO

2. Structure & prize
🔹$150 SLEEP for live-chat questions
🔹$50 SLEEP + 5 mystery boxes for quiz section
🔹Section 1: Project Overview
🔹Section 2: Questions from host
🔹Section 3: Live-chat questions (5 winners)
🔹Section 4: Quiz about project (5 winners)

3. Requirements for winners
🌂Join @sleep_announcements & @sleepgame on Telegram
🌂Follow SLEEP on Twitter
🌂Join @kdg_en & @kdg_ann on Telegram
🌂Follow KDG on Twitter
🌂Subcribe KDG’s Youtube channel

👋Put us on your calendar. See you all in the AMA !!



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