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Kingdom Game 4.0


💖Dear community,

After a long road of hard working, today at 8AM UTC September 15th we are extremely excited to announce the official launch of KingdomStarter Version 2.

Although the version 1 has received a lot of attention and love from the community, we believed that the release of KingdomStarter Version 2 was necessary. KingdomStarter Version 2comes within a very interesting timing to significantly serve us in our purpose of becoming stronger. The release of KingdomStarter Version 2 has marked an important milestone in KDG’s journey and it will open a new era of KDG’s development ⚡⚡

Let’s experience together 👇

1️⃣Official domain:

2️⃣Key features

✅IDO platform with new features: Commit funds, Claimable Tab, Joined Tab

✅First time release INO platform

✅New UI: dark mode, light mode

✅New look of Game Hub & Airdrop Portal

3️⃣What’s next?

️🎯Users are free to experience all functions on KingdomStarter Version 2

️🎯The next IDO project will start with new rule on new platform

️🎯The first INO project will be revealed soon

️🎯Game Hub will list more interesting games

️🎯Airdrop Portal will have many new and massive events

️🎯Plan to add more functions

👉So now KingdomStarter Version 2 is successfully released. It’s time for us to celebrate together.

Let’s cheer 🥂🥂

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