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Kingdom Game 4.0

📢Community whitelist for BICYCLEFI IDO is opening — Register now🔥🔥

📆 Schedule
⏰Whitelist registration opens at: 8AM, 10th May, 2022 (UTC)
⏰Whitelist registration ends at: 10AM, 15th May, 2022 (UTC)
⏰Whitelist community Winner announcement: 2PM, 15th May, 2022 (UTC)

📝How to join

1️⃣Stake at least 5,000 KDG at pool 3( lockup 1 day):

2️⃣Do all tasks as required
🔹Join @bicyclefiofficialgroup & @bicyclefi on Telegram
🔹Follow BicycleFi on Twitter
🔹Join @kdg_en & @kdg_ann on Telegram
🔹Follow KDG on Twitter
🔹Like + Retweet this post AND tag 3 friends with the hashtags: #KingdomStarter, #KDG, #BicycleFi, #BCF #Move2earn

3️⃣Fill in this form:

Move2earn trend is coming, don’t miss the chance to join BicycleFi IDO❗❗

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