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Competitive advantages of Kingdom Game 4.0

There is no doubt that blockchain is a groundbreaking technological advance in maintaining the integrity of information and ownership. Kingdom Game 4.0 is a gaming platform with flexible social features and monetization opportunities, designed to be your only gateway to the MMO / MMORPG gaming universe. These are the basic solutions of Kingdom Game 4.0 that the current game systems and game publishing companies do not have.

1/ Sharing economy model

Game publishers, agents, and players play an important role as the tripod supports each other in this economic model. Agents and game players can use the resources available in Kingdom Game 4.0 to generate revenue for themselves. Kingdom game 4.0 will use 25–50% of the revenue to re-sponsor players through promotions and tournaments events.

2/ In-game assets guarantee

All valuable assets in the game such as characters, items, … will be guaranteed (value insurance). With the important purpose of optimizing personal virtual assets. With a guarantee of up to 75% of the value of the item, guaranteed value, and long-term liquidity.

3/ Payment by cryptocurrency

Kingdom Game 4.0 released its own game-specific cryptocurrency named KDG. In-game payment transactions apply blockchain technology and are paid by KDG tokens. Players use KDG to buy items, upgrade level, or use other in-game services transparently and safely.

4/ Referral commission program

In order to support and accompany the benefit for the players, the participants can invite their friends to play the game and receive the corresponding referral reward.

5/ Playing games, generating income

With the sharing economy model, all gamers who play any game on Kingdom Game 4.0 have the opportunity to earn income, because this is a sharing platform. The sharing rate is based on the amount of money that players join and deposit into the system with the returning rate from 25–50% of the deposit value, which will return to become rewards for in-game players through events, in-game tasks, and tournaments.

6/ Rights to invest and own the shares of Kingdom game 4.0

We understand that the support of our users is an important part of our success. Therefore, we always create favorable conditions and opportunities for investors to hold shares of Kingdom Game 4.0, to invest and make profits through the process of selecting strategic agents and raising funds from the community.

7. Rights to vote in-game activities

This is the right for Kingdom Game 4.0 citizens. Each citizen shall have the right to vote for events, game activities in the system.

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