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Development progress of blockchain game

⭐ The blockchain industry is growing at a high speed and becoming more applicable in almost all areas. Even though blockchain technology is now mostly used in finance, many game developers are seeing the potential of applying blockchain to games. So, where did blockchain originate from and why are blockchain games getting so popular among the young generation?

❄ Blockchain’s development process

Blockchain is the growing list of blocks that are linked together using cryptography. Even though its history dates back to the 1990s, it only became popular more than 10 years ago when Satoshi Nakamoto invented a blockchain to serve as the public ledger of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Ever since, blockchain has been the basis to build smart contracts where predetermined conditions and transactions are met without the involvement of a third party.

❄ Blockchain game’s development process

🍀 Traditional video games have not seen any major changes or innovation in so many years, until blockchain technology came and transformed the whole gaming industry.

🍀 Even though blockchain technology has been around for quite a while, it has only gained popularity lately. Seeing that potential, game developers have been trying to bring blockchain technology to games.

🍀 First seen on the market in 2017, blockchain games are just a baby compared to traditional games, but its rapid development in recent years has affirmed the promising future of this gaming section.

❄ Some pioneers in blockchain games

🍀 CryptoKittes: As one of the first generations of blockchain games, CryptoKitties has never ceased to be the most popular blockchain game on the market. At the time of its launch, the game even caused heavy traffic congestion to the Ethereum blockchain.

🍀 Age of Rust: Also one of the first names on the blockchain game market, Age of Rust has always been ranked one of the most loved blockchain games for its constant updates and impressive 3D graphics.

❄ Blockchain based gaming platform Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 is a project that works on developing blockchain based game products like Kingdom Game Hub and livestreaming platform KingliveTV. Launched in 2019, the project’s main focuses from the start have always been on blockchain games and NFTs.

👉 Let’s experience the newest and most innovative gaming style with Kingdom Game 4.0’s products.

About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom game 4.0 is the foundation paving the way for the change of the useful game system for the community. With a combination of blockchain-based and revolutionary technology, we are creating a new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers, and networks of distribution systems.

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