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Event awards “Open beta — Grab your iPhone 11 and a lot of rewards to the champions of MU Kingdom”

The Event Open Beta on the MU Kingdom has successfully completed with a lot of prizes presented to the champions at Kingdom Game Office in HCMC.

As we know, TOP prizes running of hundreds of Warriors have completed since Feb 02, 2020, and the excellent names have been revealed.

Prizes information:

  • Top of each Class
  • Top All Class
  • Top
  • Top Guild
  • Top Level Master

Represent at the Award Event in HCMC is including:

MU Kingdom Board of Managers has contacted the representative of all teams that won the prizes and awarding these prizes to the Gamers who won this tournament.

In which, other wining Warrior due to their difficulty in arranging schedule and transportation matters, thus the Organization Board after discussing agreed to turn the prize into reward in-game online.

Luckily, KiMoChi, Blake, and Inferno have joined the Event and received the prize officially.

KiMoChi with his iPhone 11 Prize
Inferno with his big prize combo

Literally, winning the prizes in this Open Beta Event of MU Kingdom is the worthy awards for all of the Warriors that has been training hard throughout 1 month.

KiMoChi is sharing his experience at MU Kingdom Battle

We would like to congrats all of the Warriors that winning the Event of MU Kingdom this time. On the occasion of this event, the representative of MU Kingdom said “MU Kingdom believe that we will continue bringing traditional experiences together with masterpiece experiences that MU Online fans have not been trying before. We hope that by our hard work, MU Kingdom will get the confidence of the community. We will continue to accompany and open more tournaments to creating an interesting playing field for the community”.

KDG team with Top Game MU Kingdom

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