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💝Dear community,

For the first time, we are super excited to announce the rules for INO on KingdomStarter.

KingdomStarter INO launchpad will provide creators and projects with the ability to raise community support, generate awareness for their NFTs and raise funds through NFT sales, as well as grant holders of our native token exclusive access to pre-sales of exclusive NFTs and projects carefully selected for our launchpad.

📌Key takeaways:

✅First come, first served rule will be applied to every INO

✅Accepted currency is variable based on INO project’s requirement

✅Purchase NFTs on KingdomStarter, get NFTs from project

✅Only have one round and more than one phase for INO

✅Flexible rule — rules for each INO will be changed as needed

I — What is INO platform

📝The Initial NFT Offering (INO) basically provides a direct way for artists and art-related enterprises to offer and distribute limited edition NFTs to their fans in a fair manner. It makes their supporters and communities more interactive and engaging.

🚀KingdomStarter INO Launchpad was created to assist projects and creators in launching their NFT sales on multiple chains in a fair and equitable manner.

II — INO rules

There are two models that a NFT sales can be launched on KingdomStarter INO Launchpad: For staking members and non-staking members.

1. For staking members

1.1 Tier model

🔹We still apply the tier system for KDG token holders to access exclusive NFT and Project Launch. In order to access each tier, a fixed minimum number of KDG tokens needs to be staked and it’s the tier system for IDO also.

👉Stake at:

🔹You will be able to join INO after you have staked enough KDG tokens for a tier. The maximum number of boxes (max-buy) that you can buy in an INO is determined by your tier access. Furthermore, each INO will have a different max-buy.

💡For example: Users in Tier Mars can purchase a maximum of 10 boxes, while Earth, Venus, and Mercury have a maximum of 6, and Star has a maximum of 3.

1.2 How to join

When INO opens, you will see your max-buy and will be able to purchase NFT from 1 to max-buy quantity.

⚠️Note: We apply the First Come, First Served rules for the INO sales

That is, even if you have been whitelisted and have the opportunity to join INO, if there are more users than NFTs or spots available, participation will be assigned to the fastest users who have completed the purchase step.

2. For non-staking members

🔹No whitelist, no staking

👉For this rule all users can join INO, no need to stake KDG and no have any whitelist.

🔹Max-buy is allocated the same for all participants

🔹First come, first served rule will be applied

3. Round and phase

3.1 Round

In INO, we did not divide into Guaranteed and Community rounds as IDO, there is only one round for INO.

3.2 Phase

On KingdomStarter, there will be more than 1 INO phase based on how many NFT boxes left over from the previous phase.

4. Important notes

4.1 Swap currency💰

INOs on KingdomStarter will not be able to purchase boxes using any specific currency. Users may purchase INO boxes using KDG tokens, BUSD, BNB, USDT… or any other tokens assigned by INO projects.

4.2. Flexible rules

Remember that all of the rules announced in this article are subject to change at the discretion of each INO. We will fix the rule to join INO based on the requirements of INO projects: the rules can be changed, the max-buy can be different, and the tasks can be less or more than normal.

👉Before the event, we will announce how to join and the rules that will apply to each INO. As a result, make sure you are always following our official media channels.

4.3 Disclaimer

🔹We are only the third party in charge of selling boxes and are not in charge of distributing NFT to users. If you want to get NFTs from INO on KingdomStarter, go to the INO projects for more information.

🔹KDG will not be held liable for any investment losses. We will not be liable for any direct or consequential loss resulting from participation in its activities, but we will make every effort to select high-quality partners for the INO platform.

🔹INO has no refund function. Before making any investment decisions, conduct your own due diligence and consult with your financial advisor.

III — What’s next

The KingdomStarter INO platform is scheduled to launch on September 13th, with the first project to be revealed a few days later. Everything is currently in progress, so stay tuned for more updates from us 🔥🔥

About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneers in the blockchain and NFT game market infrastructures provider, which help to bring blockchain game projects closer to the community with KDG’s products. KDG focuses on creating a multi-function platform where users can earn profits while being entertained.

Kingdom Game 4.0 is creating a whole new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers and investors in today’s gamefi metaverse industry.

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