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📣Introduction of KDG Airdrop Portal — where you can earn money without any risk💰

👉Getting started with the blockchain market is the biggest challenge for beginners. But it will be easier if you have some tokens and the best way to own them is by joining events that distribute free tokens. If there is a platform that allows people to access more and more events to earn free tokens in security then it would be perfect 🔥🔥 KDG Airdrop Portal is what you are looking for. Our platform offers various events including but not limited to airdrop, bounty, giveaway, AMA,.. any events that can earn free crypto tokens without any risk. Let us talk about our KDG Airdrop Portal in this article.

1️⃣ What is KDG Airdrop Portal

KDG Airdrop Portal is designed to provide our users the access to the airdrop/bounty/giveaway…any events that can earn tokens from KDG ecological partners in a secure, decentralized and user-friendly way. What users need to do is access KDG Airdrop Portal, find the event you want to join and claim your rewards. No risks, no fee and no limit.

2️⃣ How does it work?

👉Link to KDG Airdrop Portal:

🔹KDG Airdrop Portal will be divided into 3 sections: Upcoming, Ongoing and Ended

▪️ Upcoming: List events that will be taken place in KDG Airdrop Portal

▪️ Ongoing: List all ongoing events: airdrop/ bounty/ mini game/ AMA organized by KDG, or organized by KDG with partners.

▪️ Ended: Winners can claim token rewards after events ended — within 7 days since the announcement of winner list

🔹Token rewards of events listed on KDG Airdrop Portal will be in cross-chain such as: BEP20, Polygon,Ethereum, etc..

🔹Blockchain projects can contact to cooperate organizing events and list them on Airdrop portal (Blockchain projects sponsor rewards, KDG organize the events )

3️⃣ Why should I join events on KDG Airdrop Portal?

KDG Airdrop Portal works as a bridge for KDG users to learn and engage in great events of diversity projects as well as for blockchain projects to expand their community . The goal is to help real users to earn rewards safely and fairly via the following:

✅Earn as much as you want: Users can be rewarded through participating in events listed on KDG Airdrop Portal. You can join any events you want, no limit.

✅Simple and Easy: You get rewards by doing easy tasks. No complex rules. No fee.

✅Secure and Fair: Airdrops & other earn free tokens events are often used by scammers to prey on crypto users through private key scams, send me crypto for airdrop scams. We want to provide a secure environment to allow participants to engage in all events without fear of the above issues.

4️⃣ Benefits for Blockchain Projects to list events on KDG Airdrop Portal

For participating in KDG Airdrop Portal, blockchain projects will receive a great opportunity to achieve their growth metrics via the following:

🔸Cross-marketing between KDG partners: Many events of KDG partners with conduct at the same time. KDG Airdrop Portal will become a gate way for users of each partner to participate in not only 1 but many events. That led to the success of all events.

🔸Increase users interest in your project & develop a strong social channels: With huge numbers in KDG community & partners, your events in KDG Airdrop Portal will achieve a great success.

🔸Easy to conduct an event: You just need to sponsor rewards & KDG will take care the rest

🔸Wide and fair distribution of tokens: Blockchain projects don’t need to transfer rewards manually, KDG has the system for users to claim their prizes easily

5️⃣ What is Next?

KDG Airdrop Portal is scheduled to launch on April 14th, 2022.

Over this week, Kingdom Game 4.0 will unveil the interface and share more details about this new feature. Stay tuned ❗❗

About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneers in the blockchain and NFT game market infrastructures provider, which help to bring blockchain game projects closer to the community with KDG’s products. KDG focuses on creating a multi-function platform where users can earn profits while being entertained.

Kingdom Game 4.0 is creating a whole new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers and investors in today’s gamefi metaverse industry.

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