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Kingdom Game 4.0

💠KDG Airdrop Portal — Publish & promote your events for free — Register now ⚡⚡

️🎯The time has arrived. The registration form to list events on KDG Airdrop Portal is open now. What are you waiting for? Register for a free event listing now!!

❓Why listing on KDG Airdrop Portal?

✅Easily: Publish your event on Portal & we take care the rest

✅Effective: Powerful marketing of Portal will help to attract more participants

✅Free: No fee, no limit & no complex rules.


🔸All events such as: airdrop, bounty, minigames, AMA with the purpose of expanding community, increasing the number of holders, advertising projects, advertising products…

🔸Prefer Gamefi/Socialfi projects

🔸Total prize at least $1,000

💰Listing fee

To celebrate the launching day of KDG Airdrop Portal, from now till June 1st KDG won’t charge any fee for listing events on our platform 🚀🚀

📝How to apply

Complete registration form HERE, we will review & contact you soon:

Let’s us be your great partner & promote your events with KDG Airdrop Portal 🔥🔥

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