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Kingdom Game 4.0


🙋Hey KDGers,

For the past week, the blockchain market was bear but KDG is still on our root and achieved a lot of suppries. Ready for KDG’s performance for the this week? Let’s get it done!


- Fragmint

+ Detailed timeline — IDO on June 29th

+ Open whitelist — 4AM, June 24th — 9AM June 28th (UTC)

- Kyte.One: 3rd claiming tranche of $KTE — 1AM UTC June 21st



🔸KDG video shooting challenge

🔸Connect media, earn rewards campaign

🔸KDG Global Ambassador Program

🔸KDG IDO Contributor Program

🔸Pre-AMA questions for Fragmint


🔸KDG x Pyramidwalk Giveaway

🔸KDG x WingStep Airdrop

🔸KDG x ShibaFriendNFT Airdrop

🔸AMA with ShibaFriendNFT

3️⃣Partnerships: Krypto Hub, Fragmint, Metawork, MCity

👉We are excited to be on this journey with you all and look forward to reaching out new milestones in the next week.Looking further ahead for goof news ❗❗

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