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Kingdom Game 4.0


👑For the past week, the happenings in KDG has been wild and we are here to deliver you exciting news over this week.

Ready for KDG’s performance for the past week? Let’s start now 👇

✅Multi-chain feature has official released

✅Kyte.One IGO phase 1 phase 1 & phase 2 has ended

✅Remnant Labs IGO has ended & ongoing with phase 2

✅Ongoing event: Connect media, earn rewards campaign

✅Ongoing event: KDG Global Ambassador Program

✅Ongoing event: KDG x BSCS Bounty Campaign

✅Ongoing event: KDG x FADO Gleam Airdrop

✅Ongoing event: KDG x PIRA Giveaway

✅Remnant Labs AMA ended

✅KDG’s AMA on ShibaFriend community ended

And that’s all for this week, KDGers. See you for next week’s Weekly Recap and stay tuned because KDG team is working non-stop for the most exciting updates❗❗

💦Until next week,

Take care and stay positive ⚡

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