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🙋Hey KDGers

For the past week, the happenings in KDG has been wild & we are here to deliver you exciting news for this week.

Ready for KDG’s performance for the past week? Let’s check👇👆


🔹Bikearn: the last claiming tranche of $RTE

🔹Spume: the last claiming tranche of $SPUME


+ Phase 1: 5AM — 1PM UTC September 27th

+ Phase 2: 5AM — 1PM UTC September 28th

🔹Fragmint: Detail timeline & Whitelist Open



🔸KDG IDO Contributor Program


🔸AMA with Infinity Arena

🔸AMA with Sleep

🔸KDG IDO Contributor Program

🔸KDG x Ookeenga Airdrop

🔸KDG x Dog Kingdom Gleam Airdrop


🔼Twitter: 143.8K

🔼Telegram: 381.1K

🔼Medium: 46.5K

🔼Youtube: 18.1K

Upcoming week, the KDG team will reveal more exciting news. Stay tuned for good news from us 🔥🔥

About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneers in the blockchain and NFT game market infrastructures provider, which help to bring blockchain game projects closer to the community with KDG’s products. KDG focuses on creating a multi-function platform where users can earn profits while being entertained.

Kingdom Game 4.0 is creating a whole new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers and investors in today’s gamefi metaverse industry.

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