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️🎉 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — the first-anniversary event: DeFi Harvest Festival on BSC will kick off in SecondLive’s virtual Space on September 1st with the participation of many big projects and one of them is Kingdom Game 4.0.

📝 About this event, you can receive tokens from different projects, claim valuable NFTs freely and stake NFTs to earn more tokens. The total reward of this event is massive, up to $10,000.

👉 Below is all information about the timeline, rules and instructions to join this event. Make sure you read it carefully before you start.

ℹ️ Note: For further information you can access official Twitter account of Secondlive:

1️⃣ Become a Whitelist user
From 3:00 AM UTC, August 25 to 4:59 PM UTC, August 31, 2021, the Whitelist campaign of KDG will be held. The first 1000 users can be whitelisted and eligible to participate in the next steps of this event.

Details of this campaign is here

2️⃣ Treasure hunt
During the BSC the first-anniversary event, multiple projects will distribute treasure boxes all around the exhibition hall. Users can open the treasure boxes and claim a certain amount of tokens.

✅ Time: From Sep 2 to Sep 7, SecondLive will airdrop tokens from projects in BSC DeFi exhibition hall to visitors every 1 PM to 1 AM from Sep 2nd to Sep 7th.

✅ Prize pool: There are 11 projects, each project will provide $2000 of its token for the user to claim. Users in KDG whitelist can also participate in this step.

3️⃣ Blind Box
✅ Rule:
🔸In the BSC DeFi anniversary exhibition hall, users can claim blind boxes from project booths.
🔸The blind boxes can stake in mining pool.
🔸Blind boxes (NFTs) differ in 5 different levels. The higher the level is, the higher the mining efficiency will be.
🔸Mining efficiency will double if users collect 5 NFTs of 5 different levels.
🔸 NFTs are also available to trade in the SecondLive NFT market.

✅ Time: Users can claim blind boxes every 2 PM UTC from Sep 2nd to Sep 5th

4️⃣ Mining pool
Users who claim NFTs from blind boxes can participate in mining events: Stake NFTs to earn tokens.

✅ Start time: Every 12:00 PM from Sep 2nd to Sep 7th.

✅ Mining duration: 7 days

✅ Mining pool: $10,000 token in each project

🔥 The Whitelist Campaign will be open soon. Get ready for the upcoming event? 🔥🔥

📢 Don’t forget to turn on post notifications to not miss the chance to join this interesting event!!

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