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Kingdom Game 4.0 and Cobo Wallet established a strategic partnership

On March 1st, Kingdom Ventures., Ltd, the leading blockchain game company in the Vietnam market officially cooperated with Cobo Wallet, the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallet, to expand the ecosystem on both sides and promote the development of Blockchain technology.

Mr. Tuan Anh — CEO of Kingdom Game 4.0 believes in the cooperation with Cobo Wallet: “Kingdom Game 4.0 will participate in the ecosystem of Cobo Wallet by integrating KDG tokens with existing Cobo products. With the extensive user base and security technology from Cobo Wallet, we are sure that the holders of KDG game token will receive a lot of benefits and Cobo also provides investors with storage methods. and invest effectively in Kingdom Games, including KDG staking tokens or quick and easy swapping solutions, … ”.

“As one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets in the world, we always want to bring our value to the potential market of Vietnam. Having a partnership with Kingdom Game 4.0, one of the leading blockchain game companies in Vietnam, is the next step on that journey. Cobo Wallet believes that this partnership will bring new values ​​to the blockchain community and gamers as well as expand the user ecosystem for both sides, ”said Sui Ran — Marketing Director of Cobo Wallet.

About Cobo Wallet

Cobo Wallet is the world’s most popular mobile wallet and the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet to offer to stake masternode, making it easy for users to manage and develop their digital assets. Cobo provides mobile wallet services (Cobo Wallet), modern hardware wallets for high-end users (Cobo Vault), and depository services for institutional investors (Cobo Custody). With support for more than 40 chains and more than 900 different tokens for more than 1.7 million users and the application store integration (Cobo dApp portal), Cobo aims to provide a one-stop-wallet solution for all cryptocurrencies. and all decentralized applications (dApp).

Download Cobo Wallet at

About Kingdom Game

Kingdom Game is a gaming platform that integrates a sustainable sharing economy model, thanks to the application of Blockchain technology. The “Triple win” model between the company, its agents, and the game players is the key to Kingdom Game’s sustainable development. Kingdom Game 4.0 owns KDG tokens, which are highly applicable in payment, value assurance, and development of Kingdom Game’s product ecosystem.

Kingdom Games are currently distributed and developed such as MU Kingdome SS15, Tam Tien Kiem H5, Hoa Vo Lam multi-platform (preparing to launch) …

Currently, Kingdom Game has more than 20,000 users, more than 600 agents nationwide. This is a pioneering model in bringing sustainable value to players in the ecosystem, users can just play games for entertainment and can easily make money from the KDG platform.

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