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📢 Kingdom Game 4.0 enters a strategic partnership with GoatFi

We are happy to introduce GoatFi as our newest strategic partner. This is a special milestone for both projects 🔥

1️⃣What is GoatFi about?

Built by football lovers, for football lovers. GoatFi is the football trading card game platform combined with NFTs, socialfi, users serve as the owner and general manager of their very own football team.

👉Learn more about GoatFi here:

2️⃣How will KDG and GoatFi collaborate together?

🤝IDO Support: KDG will pave the way for GoatFi to launch their IDO on our KingdomStarter Launchpad — the leading platform for Gamefi and Metaverse project.

🤝Experience partner’s ecosystem: GoatFi’s users will be granted access KDG’s ecosystem with a variety of outstanding features, especially Kinglive — The Leading NFT Game Streaming platform integrating NFT marketplace. Besides, KDGers will have the chance to get the first and exclusive access to GoatFi’s platform.

🤝Airdrop: We will work together to hold a big airdrop for both communities and list this event on KDG Airdrop Portal.

🤝Marketing support: Mutual marketing initiatives will be carried out to help both parties thrive such as: AMA, events, minigames and we can give advices for each other plans…

🤝NFT Swap & Auction: Users from KDG and GoatFi can easily create, swap and auction NFTs between both platforms in the near future.

🤝Community: We aim to expand community of both projects and create optimized benefits for all users.

🤝Resources: Both parties will share resources in the fields of technology, NFTs and KOLs connection to help the other become stronger.

3️⃣Why GoatFi?

At KDG, we aim to bring our users the best benefits and a quality IDO project. Partnership with GoatFi will significantly support us to serve our community with these purposes. KDG users can:

✅Earn NFT income anytime and anywhere, let NFT be used in games and DeFi, andoptimize P2

✅Enter the game for free and claim a free NFT players to start collecting resources and upgrading the squads to earn

✅Buy token of GoatFi at early stage

✅Join the airdrop and other events to earn free token with GoatFi

♻️We look forward to working with GoatFi and their users. We believe that this partnership will be a mutually beneficial and super synergetic blockchain industry.

🌟Join GoatFi on Social Media

Website |Telegram | Discussion | Twitter



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