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Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 — Game blockchain platform of the difference

The game industry has been massively developing in recent years, partly because the gaming world is catching up or even trying to overcome the latest technological advances.

However, most Game Development Companies in Vietnam are still maintaining the traditional game publishing model with outstanding weaknesses as follows:

  • Most of the time in the development process, Gamers and Developers have an opposing relationship. While one side wants to take advantage of the new and diverse in-game to increase the enjoyment during playing games, on the other side, Game Developers are always trying to edit the quests and develop more functions in-game in order to exploit more from Gamers, focusing more on profit only.
  • There is no insurance feature for in-game items. It leads to all of the assets in-game may turn to be Zero, no true value for the Gamers.
  • Lack of trading area, liquidity, and commodity for items or products in-game.
  • And other weaknesses.

According to these shortcomings and learning the technological advances, Kingdom Game 4.0 is born and being the pioneer unit in the development, applying Blockchain technology and payment system into the first modern Game model in Vietnam.

So, what is the difference between Kingdom Game 4.0 and other competitors?

1/ Economy sharing model

Instead of finding methods to create new things just to exploit more Gamers like other Game Developers, Kingdom Game 4.o used a new economic model — a sharing model, ensuring all participants have their own guaranteed benefits. It’s it: Developers, Agents, and Gamers.

In this economic model, Game Developers, Agents, and Gamers play an important role, firmly support each other.

Game Developers can use the resources available in Kingdom Game 4.0 to generate revenue and income for themselves. And Kingdom Game 4.0 will use 25–50% of the revenue to sponsor for Gamers through promotions and tournaments throughout.

2/ In-game assets guaranty

All valued assets in-game (items, characters…) were considered unvalued before. However, from now, all assets of Gamers shall have become true assets with a big expansion: Guaranty for the assets in-game of Kingdom Game 4.0 (value assurance).

In-game assets guaranty is not only maximized individual virtual assets, with the guaranty rate up to 75% of the item value, but Gamers can also be sure that their assets will be guaranteed by Kingdom Game 4.0 for the value and liquidity long-term.

3/ Payment by Blockchain

Kingdom Game 4.0 issued our own Cryptocurrency for the Game platform is KDG. All payment transactions in-game will be applied to Blockchain technology and get payment by KDG token to ensure transparency, no fraud, and safety. Gamers use KDG to buy items, upgrade level, or using other services in-game.

4/ Payment system developed by Kingdom Game 4.0

The registration system, account storage, and payment wallet developed on Kingdom Game 4.0 platform. Using blockchain technology based on Ethereum Smart Contract, ensure information security, as well as facilitated payment for users.

5/ Referral Commission

In order to support the benefit of Users, all Users can invite their friends to join, playing games, and get an equivalent commission.

6/ Playing the game — generating income

With the sharing economy model, all Gamers playing games on Kingdom Game 4.0 platform shall have a chance to generate income, because it is a sharing benefit.

The ratio of sharing shall be according to the amount that Gamers deposit. It’s approximately 25–50% of the deposit amount shall be returned and being the reward for Gamers in-game through events, quests, and tournaments.

7/ Rights to invest and own the shares of Kingdom Game 4.0

We understand and appreciate the support of our users. It’s an important part of our success. Therefore, we always try our best to create chances and opportunities for Investors to have the right to own the shares of Kingdom Game 4.0, investing and generating benefits through choosing Agents and public funding.

8/ Citizen rights

With these highlights compared to the traditional publishers, it is enough to see what Kingdom Game 4.0 brings to users and agencies. In addition to the immediate benefits such as: being able to earn income on the platform in various ways as mentioned, the right to vote in the community, … And once you are part of the ecosystem Kingdom Game 4.0, you will become the first generation to approach and experience the latest technology at the present time.

Together with Kingdom Game 4.0, become different!

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