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Kingdom Game 4.0 will burn 1,187,500 KDG permanently

Dear KDGers,

We have good news for you!!!

✅During the last IGO, we proceeded to cancel Round 4 on March 16, 2020, with 1,500,000 KDG due to complicated market conditions. Currently, the market is getting better. The Kingdom Game 4.0 team decided to burn and remove from circulating 1,187,500 KDG (this amount of KDG is in round 4 of IGO), so the circulation will decrease from 5.75% to 4.563%.

✅ The amount of KDG in circulation at the listing date on 30/03/2020 will be about 1.1% of the total supply. We will list 02 crypto exchanges, the details will be announced in the public channel.

✅ KDG burn address details will be announced in the next notice. Please follow the KDG news channel for updates.

🌟We are actively working to bring more good things to investors. Thank you for your companionship.

KDG team!

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