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Kingdom Game officially launching IGO (Initial Game Offering) at 20:00 (UTC+7), Mar 12

In order to provide investors and gamers the opportunity to accompany development with the Kingdom Game 4.0 project as well as the wishes of many investors, KDG will now hold an Initial Game Offering (IGO) sale to the community.

1. IGO (Initial Game Offering)

IGO (Initial Game Offering) is the first public game token sale of Kingdom Game 4.0 to the community to meet the needs and companionship associated with our project in the long run.

In this IGO public phase, we will allocate KDG game tokens to the community. Investors, gamers can use ETH, USDT, TRX to participate in this IGO phase.


2.1. IGO Schedule

– Start: 20:00 (UTC+7) March 12, 2020
– End: 23:00 (UTC+7) March 16, 2020
– Starting price: $0.15
– Listing: Within 5 days after the end of IGO
– Exchange: Top 5 global Exchange

In this IGO game token offering, we will issue a total of 5,750,000 KDG (the equivalent of 5.75% of the total issued KDG tokens) including 05 rounds. Prices, quantities, time per round are allocated according to the following table:


  • The Fifth round is a special round for the collaboration of KDG and TRON, you can only use TRX to buy KDG. Bonus 3% for investors who buy successfully.
  • After the IGO sale period finished, the unsold KDG token will be burnt and removed from the supply permanently.

2.2. IGO participation limit

Investors can use ETH, USDT, TRX to participate in this IGO phase.

– The minimum level to participate in each round: 50 USDT
– The maximum level to participate in each round: 1000 USDT

Note: The maximum participation limit is the amount that investors can participate in each round of the 5 rounds of this IGO phase.

3. KDG Allocation

After the IGO phase finished, we will proceed with the allocation as follows”

– (1) Immediately after the end of IGO: participating investors will be allocated 25% of the total KDG tokens.

– (2) The remaining 75% of KDG tokens will be allocated after listing on an exchange, the listing date within 5 days after the end of IGO. For specific information, please follow the official channels of Kingdom Game for daily updates.



Kingdom Game Token (KDG) will be the payment method in our game ecosystem. In addition, KDG tokens are a payment method that guarantees safety, transparency, quick transactions, and leads the trend in the digital gaming industry.


Bringing insight and longterm cohesion between Game publishers and Gamers. Redefinition Gamer to become an equal career and create high income in society. In addition, we aim to equip and update for all Gamers as well as the young generation the trend of 4.0 revolution and nurture the future technology nucleus of the country.

  • The funds raised from IGO mentioned above are used for expanding the game ecosystem, researching products, expanding the market in order to increase the sustainable value of the KDG game token. The goal is to reach 50,000 active gamers in the system by 2020, thereby increasing the value of Kingdom Game 4.0 and growing the KDG ecosystem.
  • Tronscan:

Some information about IGO program content is subject to adjustment without prior notice. Follow Kingdom Game 4.0’s news channels to get the latest news.

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