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Recently, Video game live streaming is really hot and there are a series of livestream applications with a huge number of users such as Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Facebook Gaming … The launching of KingliveTV will surely make you wonder if it stands out from other livestream platforms or not.

The answers for it may make you immediately want to experience our platform.

  1. You can go livestream anytime, anywhere.

Anyone who has passion for game can easily become a streamer through KingliveTV. You can livestream wherever and whenever you want, just with a phone or computer connected to the internet.

2. NFT merchandise market:

This can be considered as a feature that makes KingliveTV completely different from other livestream platforms because previous platforms have not yet combined the benefits that blockchain and NFT bring in.

Surely you also know how fever NFT is currently in the cryptocurrency market, integrating NFT on the livestream platform not only adds value to items, but also makes our platform more attractive.

We create an NFT merchandise market where viewers buy donates for their favorite streamers or buy NFTs they like.

This is also a place for users to exchange items with each other, auction or resell to the system with attractive discounts.

3. First platform use Token to donate:

If you have ever livestreamed or watched the livestream, you probably know during the live process, you may receive donates from viewers. At KingliveTV, donation will be purchased through the item on the NFT merchandise market using KDG electronic token. This is the first livestream platform that uses electronic coins to donate, exchange, buy and sell.

How to use and keep KDG is very simple and you will be instructed in detail. Through it, you will have more knowledge about the crypto market in particular, the financial market in general.

4. Unlimited number of videos to upload.

If you can’t livestream, then just upload the video for everyone to watch. KingliveTV is designed to help you upload an unlimited number of videos on its platform. And the most important thing is that the number of views, even through video upload, still have a reward mechanism for you.

5. User-friendly interface.

Built on the foundation of Block chain technology and integrating NFT into the system, KingliveTV definitely brings the best experience for users. Kingdom Game 4.0 team has optimized the graphics as well as the interface for users to use.

In addition, there will be detailed instructions to ensure that users can access KingliveTV easily and simply.

Explore KingliveTV now and look forward to the exciting things coming from Kingdom Game 4.0

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Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem

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Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0

Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem.

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