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📢 Mollector IGO on KingdomStarter Phase 1 has ended — Get prepared for the Phase 2

🙋Dear community, Mollector’s IGO on KingdomStarter has finished. Everyone can buy the remaining $MOL tokens at Phase 2 for both Private pool and Community Pool. Details as below:

⏰Timeline for both pools
🔸Form registration: 4AM Mar 27th — 1PM Mar 28th (UTC)
🔸Whitelist announcement: 3PM, Mar 28th (UTC)
🔸Join pool: 5AM-1PM, Mar 29th (UTC)

1️⃣ Community Pool
🔸Each user can buy 50 BUSD worth $MOL
🔸Only 600 users can join with FCFS basis
💸Price: $0.015
🔐Vesting: 25% at TGE and 25% per month over the next 3 months
📍Register to join HERE:

2️⃣ Private Pool
🔸Each user can buy 100 BUSD worth $MOL
🔸Only 45 users can join with FCFS basis
💸Price: $0.01
🔐Vesting: 10% in 24 hours after listing, linear vesting in 24 months with a 03-month cliff
📍Register to join HERE:

🙏Thank you for your participation!
💝Best regards,
KDG team 👑

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