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Kingdom Game 4.0

Mollector will be the next IGO on KingdomStarter🚀🚀

📣We are excited to announce that on March 27th KingdomStarter will have another IGO with one of our partners in game blockchain world. Please welcome Mollector🔥🔥

1️⃣About the upcoming IGO

⏰ Time: March 27th, 2022
💰 Token on sale: MOL (BEP20 standard)
💸 IGO Price: $0.015
💶 Total Raise: $100,000
⌛ Vesting: 25% at TGE and 25% per month over the next 3 months

2️⃣About Mollector

❄️Mollector is a digital collectible card, auto-combat game where players can collect, upgrade Hero Cards and combat against other players in various game modes.
👉For more info, you can visit:

So KDGers, have you staked your tokens yet❓
Let’s get a tier & join Mollector IGO with us💥💥

ℹ️IGO rules:

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