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NFT and Its connection with game and livestream.
NFT has just appeared a few years ago but has been creating a global trend. Especially recently when the internet develops dramatically, the crypto currency market has its own position, the NFT becoming more and more booming. Currently, NFT has also penetrated the game and livestream market. Let find out its relationship and role in this market.

What is NFT ?

NFT (Non-fungible token) is a type of digital asset that uses blockchain technology (blockchain) — similar to Bitcoin — to create a unique chain of codes that represents a certain and irreplaceable item. The NFT can be an artwork, a song, even a tweet. In that sense, the ownership and personalization of the NFT is very high, so its value is also greatly increased.

NFT in game and livestream platform:

Because of its special feature, NFT has certainly attracted game developers and livestream platforms. In the gaming market, NFT can represent a virtual sword, pieces of armor, an in-game soccer player or any other item, and is readily available for use in video games. In the livestream platform, NFT can be said that it is not really popular. NFT in the livestream platform will be donated items and KingliveTV can now be said to be the first livestream platform for NFT gaming and artworks.

The role of NFT in the game and livestream:

It is clear that after NFT entered the gaming market, this market has grown dramatically. There are NFT items in some of the trending games that are worth thousands or millions of dollars. Through NFT, games online become more interesting, more personal and better. Similarly, in the livestream, the NFTs are donated items. Because of the high personalization, the value of the NFTs is greatly increased, bringing great benefits to users and increasing the excitement of this industry.

NFT in KingliveTV:

KingliveTV can be considered as one of the leading platforms in using blockchain technology and bringing NFT into the livestream platform to give you the most new and exciting experiences. NFT in KingliveTV is donated items and these products are designed with very eye-catching graphics. In addition, users also have continuous access to the NFT through the NFT Market — this is a place to exchange and auction NFT.

Through KingliveTV you will have more interesting insights about NFT, blockchain and crypto currency market. It can be said that NFT will grow stronger in the future, and the relationship between NFT games and livestreams is undeniable.

To experience the exciting NFT features, don’t hesitate to use our KingliveTV platform. KingliveTV will be release soon!

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