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Kingdom Game 4.0

📣 Reminder — Events on KDG Airdrop Portal 🚀

🙋Hey community

Did you participate in the events on KDG Airdrop Portal? Check out what’s happening this April⚡️

🔹KDG Connect Media — Apr 1st — Apr 30th
🔹KDG Global Ambassador Program — Apr 1st — Apr 30th
🔹KDG x BSCS Bounty Campaign — Apr 14th — Apr 25th
🔹KDG x FADO Airdrop — Apr 14th — Apr 30th
🔹KDG x PIRA Giveaway — Apr 16th — Apr 30th

👉 Join at:

🔥Who will the award be given to? Give it a try and win exciting prizes❗❗
Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops 🚀

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