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📣 Renewal of KDG staking pools on Launchpools 🎁🎁

💌 Dear community, KDG would like to inform that the 2 staking pools on Launchpools have expired and we are going to renew the pool Stake KDG earn KDG at 3PM, 23rd February (UTC) for KDG holders to earn more of our native tokens.

ℹ️ Details as below:

💰Staking pool: Stake KDG earn KDG

🔸KDG Contract Address:


🔸Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

🔸Total Rewards: 3,000,000 KDG

🔸Daily emission: 25,000 KDG per day

🔸Distribution duration: 120 days

🔸Token rewards per block (Based on 28,800 blocks per day): 0.868 KDG

🔸Rewards starting at: 2PM, 21st February (UTC)

👉 Stake at:

⚠️⚠️IMPORTANT NOTE: The pool will be locked for the first 7 days, after that you can unstake your tokens without the unstaking fee rule

💰Staking pool: Stake KDG-BUSD CAKE LP earn KDG

The pool will not be renew, you can stake your LP token at KingdomStarter

👉 Stake at:

👉 Details how to stake:

Website |Telegram |Medium |Twitter |Youtube |Facebook |Discord |LinkedIn



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