Kingdom Game 4.0
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Kingdom Game 4.0

🎉 The Community IGO of MetaRacers has successfully ended 💥💥

All $4,000 worth of MRS tokens in Community IGO have been sold out earlier than we expected. Thanks for joining us 💞

And congratulations all investors🎊 🎊

👉The Guaranteed IGO and Private sale are still ongoing ( till 2PM Dec 16th UTC)

📍Private sale:

📍Guaranteed IGO:

️🎯 What’s next:

💹Listing on exchange: TBA

💰Claiming time: TBA

🔐Vesting Period: 25% TGE, then 25% each month

Thanks for your participation 💝

And hope to see you in the next IGO of KingdomStarter❗❗

ℹ️ MRS IGO info:

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