Kingdom Game 4.0
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Kingdom Game 4.0

🥞 The first claiming tranche of $ZWZ on KingdomStarter 📆

Dear all users, Zombie World Z will be listed on PancakeSwap today❗️❗️ Prepare for trading now 🚀🚀

💹Listing on PancakeSwap: 2PM, Feb 18th (UTC)

💰Claiming time: 2:30 PM, Feb 18th (UTC)

🔐Vesting Period: 25% TGE, then linear monthly vesting in 03 months


🔸Add liquidity pool: 1:30 PM, Feb 18th (UTC)

🔸Trading is not recommended during the first 30 minutes since listing time

🔗 $ZWZ official smart contract address is not published yet, be careful for scammers

📈$ZWZ CoinMarketCap:

Happy hump day, KDGers 🤗🤗

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