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The King Wallet mobile app is now released!

Great news for you! We are pleased to announce to friends and supporters of Kingdom Game the release of the new King Wallet mobile app.

King Wallet is a crypto wallet that allows you to have full control of your digital assets and enables you to conduct fast and secure crypto transactions.


  • Get started in seconds and access your wallet from your mobile device.
  • Check your crypto wallet balance, transaction history & other details.
  • Make deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions.
  • Securely store private keys on your device, no one else can access your King Wallet.
  • Support for KDG, TRX, KNC, MCH, ETH, USDT, TOMO.
  • Quickly scanning a QR-code.
  • On wallet staking for KDG Token at the annual rate of 30%/year.
  • Swap KDG Reward to KDG Token and more being added in the future!

Download and log into the King Wallet application now to get 2 KDG Rewards for free, and complete KYC to get 3 more KDG Rewards.

Take a moment to discover the new King Wallet mobile app.

Download for Android:

Download for iOS: Coming soon

The release of the King Wallet stands towards the integration of blockchain technology for game developers and gamers around the world.

Join our group on Telegram for further information:

Telegram Channel:



Thank you for your continuous support.

The Kingdom Game 4.0 Team



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