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Kingdom Game 4.0

🔥🔥 The last $PIRA claiming tranche on KingdomStarter!

The last vesting schedule for $PIRA will be available for claim today.

⏰ Claim time: 4PM UTC, March 22nd, 2022

🔻🔻 Claim here:

📍Guaranteed IGO:

📍Community IGO:

⚠️ Note

✅ Visit the right pool that you have participated

✅ Use the same whitelisted wallet for $PIRA pool to claim your tokens

About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneers in the blockchain game market that helped to bring a game-changer to the gaming industry by transforming gaming from a mere pastime to a high-paying side hustle, or even a full-time job.

With the adaptation of the revolutionary blockchain technology, KDG is creating a brand new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers, and networks of distribution systems.

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Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem

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Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0

Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem.

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