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🙋Hi KDGers,

We’ve had a great time engaging with the community lately with a number of AMAs focused around the upcoming plans for KDG’future as well as updating the newest roadmap for 2022. We’re so grateful and want to give big thanks to KDG community for being a part of these important milestones for us 💝💝

️🎯For this special AMA, KDG community was given time to submit questions for the AMA (pre-AMA and live-chat sections) — below are the chosen community questions and Rosy’s answers. Please take a look at this recap:

1. Pre-AMA questions

Question 1: As far as I know, Kinglive is one of the main products of KDG. But I found that livestream features, earning programs are still pending. So I wonder when KDG can finish these features? And what is the current progress?

Answer from Rosy: Oh, such a great question. Thank you for asking, that’s what I desire to share in this AMA today.

Yes, Kinglive Streaming Platform is one of our main products and it is the core value of Kingdom Game 4.0.

It was officially launched version 1 with some basic functions. The upgrading version 2 is now in final stage and it will be revealed in this quarter.

Besides, there will be a lot of interesting things in livestreaming and earning program in Kinglive Version 2. So KDGers, stay tuned for good news from us.

Question 2: At the end of 2021, KDG launched KingdomStarter — a Launchpad for Gamefi and Metaverse projects but it doesn’t have much IGO as I expected. So as a KDG holder, I wanna know: In 2022, can we have more great IGO on KingdomStarter?

Answer from Rosy:

This question is about KingdomStarter Launchpad — another main product of us. I love that.

KingdomStarter is one of the pride of KDG because with that product we have attracted a lot of new investors & reached this active community.

But as we know, at the end of 2021, the market was really bad and it was hard for all projects to launch their IGOs. That’s the reason why we can’t bring more IGOs for our users. Hmm, I feel so sad when talk about that.

However, early 2022, we still have some good IGOs: Midoland, Metarim, Artinfinity… and now KDG is working with many new projects. We promise that 2022 will bring our users more and more quality IGOs ♥️ So don’t forget to stake your KDG and join IGOs with us.

Question 3: What is the upcoming marketing plan for KDG development? Do you have any ideas to attract more investors?

Answer from Rosy: To build a successful project, we have mainly focused on building a solid community. We wish to bring ideas, products, or services with such value and benefits to users.

We have discussed and came up with a specific plan for expanding the community and attracting users by connecting more with partners, organizing events, minigames on the Livestream platform, and NFT Marketplace and KOLs cooperation.

Besides, we promote the referral program, and each user will be a partner, helping us spread the value to relatives and friends. The referral program will be launched soon in the first quarter of 2022.

Question 4: What is KDG’s roadmap? Do you have any updates for 2022?

Answer from Rosy: Yes, of course.The market is constantly changing and we also need to change to adapt to that. Today AMA is a good chance for us to show our community the updated roadmap. Thanks for this question.

In the two next quarters, roadmap will be followed closely as below:

* Quarter 1/2022:

- Launching Kinglive ver2 (SocialFi) with many outstanding features (connect web3 wallet, donate with NFT, livestream & earn, watch & earn)

- Launching referral program

- Update Kingdomstarter UI: Update IGO token prices, joined IGOs for personal, IGO calendar

- Support IGO for project in other chains: Ethereum, Polygon and Solana

* Quarter 2/2022

- Launching Game Guild

- Launching INO (Initial NFT Offering)

- Launching NFT staking

- Launching game products of KDG( KDG will have a new game)

Question 5: What do you think are the advantages of KDG for now compared with other blockchain projects? Do you think your project is good enough?

Answer from Rosy: What a straight question. Haha

Hmmm, I can not say KDG is the best project in the blockchain world but it will be better and it will be the best version of it in 2022.

We have partnered with many Gamefi projects and giant backers to support. Additionally, our products are on the way to completion and with livestream function releases, KDG will become one of the leading projects to have this great platform.

Besides, we have a super vision: Never stop growing, KDG will update its own products and release its own game. With a broad vision and always catching up with trends, KDG will move forward in blokchain world

I think with those advantages KDG is different from other blockchain projects and we aim to make 2022 to become a breakthrough for KDG.

2. Live-chat questions

Question 1: For each project, partners and backers are always an important factor. So what are partners and backers of KDG and what support do they provide?

Answer from Rosy: I agree, partners and backers play an important role in the success of not only KDG but also for all other projects. As you can see on our mainpage:, we have partnered with many projects especially on Gamefi and Metaverse world such as: Faraland, Zombie World Z, Moniwar…; NFT projects like DareNFT, NFTyplay, with “monsters in blockchain world” like MEXC, BSCStation…

With such great partners and backers, KDG received a lot of support from them. We have financial support from Onebit Ventures, Incubation Program from BSCStation, cross-marketing to expand community and events from other projects… We have confidence that KDG will grow more and more with their support.

Question 2: For now, the crypto market is really bad and maybe in the future. So in that situation, what is the plan and commitment of KDG to keep holders and attract more investors?

Answer from Rosy: Bad market has the negative impact on all blockchain projects, not even KDG. But I think the market has its own cycle, up and down then up then down and so on; but something will remain for a long time like technology, strategy, ideas.

And with KDG, we have great technology and new ideas to come up with, so in the long-term there will be nothing to worry about the bearish market. Our matter is to create a wonderful ecosystem.

And in the short-term, we did have plans to release products, encourage users to use more KDG tokens. All was scheduled and planned. Our priority is to keep the benefit of the users. I think the bearish market somehow is a chance for us to show our ability.

Question 3: Community always plays an important role in any project. So, I wanna ask what KDG will do to optimize users’ benefits and expand this community?

Answer from Rosy: That’s right! We understand that the success of the project also comes from the support of the community.Thank you all KDGers for being here with us

We always respect the community who trusts and follows us. We are day by day trying to focus on the benefits of users.

We have staking pools with attractive rewards for users. They can earn more KDG just by staking at our platform.

We also plan to have more events to expand our community and also give our users more chances to receive massive rewards.

Besides, every partnership we have formed, we try to get the first and exclusive access to our partner ecosystem for our users. And we are trying to have more partnerships in the near future.

And for the VIP — who have Mars tier on KingdomStarter. We have a private group for them with a lot of privileges.

That is the vision for the future of KDG which brings more benefits for our community .

Question 4: As we know, KDG has staking features in both Kinglive and KingdomStarter. But security is then how can KDG deal with it? Does your platform have an audit and what will you do to protect them?

Answer from Rosy: Hackers are the concern of any investors when it comes to blockchain world and so do KDG. We understand that.

To avoid hackers/ system crashes, we have already audited our platforms and tokens with Certik and Beosin so they are completely safe for users to use. You can see our audit report on the Doc page.

Also, our technical team members have many experiences in security, so in that case we definitely can deal with it. Nothing to worry about, our users will be protected in KDG.

Question 5: Why does KDG have so many different products? What is your main product? What does your project focus on in the short-term and in the long term?

Answer from Rosy: Such a great question!! Thank you

Yes, KDG has more than one main product because we aim to build a comprehensive ecosystem and each product in our system will be a good aspect of the big picture.

For now, KingdomStarter Launchpad with IGOs was launched successfully and in the near future, Livestreaming platform will be released and NFT Marketplace will be upgraded with INO section.

KDG has a broader vision with our own game and we will never stop!

About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneers in the blockchain game market that helped to bring a game-changer to the gaming industry by transforming gaming from a mere pastime to a high-paying side hustle, or even a full-time job.

With the adaptation of the revolutionary blockchain technology, KDG is creating a brand new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers, and networks of distribution systems.

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