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💝Hello, KDG community!

Intending to bring more allocation to users and increase investment opportunities for IDO projects on KingdomStarter, we are here to present the newly updated KDG IDO rules — fund committed. By applying these rules, KDG can ensure that all the tokens are allocated to users, while projects reach their fundraising target ️🎯

👉All of the new IDOs on KingdomStarter will proceed with these new rules that we are going to introduce now. Details will be discussed in the following sections.

📌Brief introduction to new mechanisms:

1. Tier system & staking pools do not change

2. Commit your investment to join the pool within the fund range

3. Claim the remaining fund if your allocation changes

4. Phase 2 is a Public round — No need to stake KDG

I — Before IDO

1️⃣ Keep yourself updated with upcoming IDOs

The easiest and quickest way to know about upcoming IDOs on KingdomStarter is its social media handles. All of the exciting IDOs will be shared on Twitter and Telegram channels. Therefore, make sure to follow them and engage.

In order to dig more about upcoming projects for possible IDOs, keep your eyes wide open for the “Upcoming” section of the KingdomStarter Launchpad. You will find everything from project details, IDO time to pool size and vesting details.

2️⃣ Stake your KDG

📗Tier system and staking pools

- On KingdomStarter, we still have 5 tiers for IDO allocation determination and exclusive benefits:

- Staking enough the amount of KDG in the right pool as below to be eligible to join IDO on KingdomStarter:

🔷For Guaranteed IDO

- Pool 1(lockup 60 days) and pool 2(lockup 30 days) with staking KDG token

- Pool 4(lockup 45 days) with staking KDG — BUSD CAKE LP token

🔷For Community IDO:

- Only pool 3 with lockup time 1 day is for Community round


- Every user has their own lockup period, meaning the lockup period starts and ends depending on when that user stakes in the pools.

- If users stake more tokens, the lockup period for the newly added staking amount will be counted from the beginning.

⏰ Timeline

- Staking deadline: 5AM UTC of the previous IDO day

- We will snapshot 24 hours before the IDO starts

II — IDO Pools Open

1️⃣ Phase 1: For staking KDG members


- 8 hours start from 5AM UTC

- Join pools time will be the fund-committed time

📝How to join

🔸Step 1: Switch your wallet to a suitable network

Once the IDO is open, you can find the IDO project in the opening pools. Switch your wallet network to the network of the IDO project.

We suggest using Metamask or wallets that generate the same address across different networks, as the address that you use for staking and buying has to be the same.

🔸Step 2: Check your allocation

According to the tier system, we will set a commit range (Min-Max range) needed to commit for each tier. If you’re whitelisted for a Pool of the IDO project, you will see the range of funds that needs to be committed to the pool.

🔸Step 3: Commit your fund

You can start to commit the accepted cryptocurrency to buy the IDO tokens before the indicated deadline by following these steps:

- Enter the number of funds you want to invest (within the commit range) and click on the “Approve” button

⚠️Notes: Please be noted that you can not change your committed funds after this action

- The “commit fund” button will light up, click on it to confirm

=>Your fund will be committed into the pool and allocation will be switched to “Committed” status.

🔸Step 4: Claim the remaining fund

When the token sale ends, the system will recalculate based on the tier system. And now you can see your allocation corresponding with the fund you have committed and the amount of the Fund change that needs to be claimed.

Click “Claim remaining fund” to get the leftover amount of your funds.

2️⃣ Phase 2: Public Round — No need to stake KDG

Unsold tokens from IDO phase 1 will move to phase 2. This phase will be open for everyone, no whitelist, no staking.


Depends on how many tokens leff and depends on each IDO. Allocation will be announced before Phase 2 starts.


- If tokens at phase 1 have sold out, there will be no phase 2.

- This phase is for all users, no need to stake KDG

- We applied the first come, first served rule.

=> For example, there are $3,000 tokens left after phase 1 and for phase 2 the allocation range for each slot will be $10-$30. The fastest 100–300 users that committed their funds will be able to participate and buy tokens in phase 2.

❓Step to join:

It will be the same as phase 1: Find the pool -> Commit your fund -> Claim remaining.

III — Claim IDO tokens or Refund

Now, on the day of the IDO token exchange listing event, the claim button will be made functional on KingdomStarter. Based on the relevant vesting schedule, you will be able to claim IDO tokens to your wallet directly or you can choose to Refund your investment.

The claiming schedule and Refund function on KingdomStarter are still the same as before (​​

Thank you for carefully following the article up to this point! The participation tutorial video will be announced before starting the next IDO. Be prepared to take your seat in IDO 🔥🔥

About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneers in the blockchain and NFT game market infrastructures provider, which help to bring blockchain game projects closer to the community with KDG’s products. KDG focuses on creating a multi-function platform where users can earn profits while being entertained.

Kingdom Game 4.0 is creating a whole new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers and investors in today’s gamefi metaverse industry.

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