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What is NFT Game? Why this NFT is so hot?

NFTs exists in many different fields, but the most popular and profitable is the NFT in Game. So what is NFT Game and why is it so hot? All questions will be answered in the article below:

What is NFT Game?

👉NFT Game is games built on a blockchain platform in which players can earn valuable items in the form of NFTs. And the interesting thing is that these NFTs can be traded for very high prices, even up to millions dollars.

Normally, issuers of NFT Games will create their own trading platform for Game items. Players can instantly trade those items through smart contracts, exchange for valuable Crypto like Ethereum (ETH)…

Why is NFT game so hot recently?

👉If you already understand what NFT Game is, then we will understand the main factors that make NFT Game “hot” recently:

✅ The growth of DeFi along with the expansion of Crypto market capitalization and participants makes NFT Game projects that were just ideas now starting to go public and become extremely developed.

✅ As more and more NFTs are traded at high prices, with constant media coverage, many people hope to seize the opportunity to find a valuable NFT. This creates a psychological push to participate in the NFT Game market.

✅ The COVID-19 pandemic has made more people interested in MMOs (make money online). It has even become a trend in the Philippines, so popular that both young and old are interested in NFT.

✅ In addition, the reason is also because of the intrinsic potential in NFT Game, Game is no longer merely entertainment but also creates value for yourself.

💖 Kingdom Game 4.0 understands that trend, so we have been integrating NFT into new projects such as Kingdom Game Hub and KingliveTV — a livestream platform for gamers.

👉NFT Marketplace is coming soon in KingliveTV Version 2 with many attractive features. Let’s look forward to it!!!

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