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Live streaming jobs have emerged in the job market like a phenomenon with more and more streamers getting their streaming career off the ground and earning huge sums of money and fanbase. There are many factors that come into play in a streamer’s success, one of which is to choose the right game to stream. This article is going to list the top live streamed games in the market.


PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game available on PCs, mobile phones and gaming devices. Even though it is comparatively new in the gaming market, PUBG has an average worldwide viewer base of around 200 million everyday, making it the top game to go viral for streamers.

💥League of Legends

A familiar name in the gaming community, League of Legends is an online battle arena video game developed by Riot Games. The game requires from players both problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

💥Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a shooter video game published by Activision. First set in World War II, over time the series has seen games set in the Cold War, futuristic worlds and outer space. With interesting game scripts, Call of Duty attracts a large number of players and viewers.


Minecraft is the only non-violent game in this list. This Microsoft game gives players a relaxing feeling from using their own imagination to build things in the virtual world. The number of Minecraft players keeps increasing over the years, reaching its peak in 2020 at 131 million.


Fortnite is an online video game with three different game mode versions. Its playing technique is a combination of Minecraft and PUBG, and the game is available on different devices like PCs, mobile phones and gaming devices. Since its release by Epic Games in July, 2017, Fortnite has attracted 800 million players around the world.

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About Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom game 4.0 is the foundation paving the way for the change of the useful game system for the community. With a combination of blockchain-based and revolutionary technology, we are creating a new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers, and networks of distribution systems.

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Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem

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Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0

Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem.

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