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5 reasons to buy a KK Lycan pack

You need a dynamic Velkan in your life! Don’t delay, buy today!

A guaranteed dynamic Velkan in every Lycan pack

Here are our top 5 reasons for buying a Lycan pack - currently available in our store for $35:

  1. The current Lycan pack will only be available until the end of October
    Buy today and you get Velkan and two Lycan rare packs for $35. At the start of November, you can expect Velkan will be available in our store on his own for $25. The Lycan pack offers much better value and the store price of Velkan may later rise further as he levels up.
  2. Legendary Ulrich giveaway
    Every Velkan bought before the end of October 2021 will include a raffle ticket into our Legendary giveaway. Simply buy a Velkan and have a chance to win the games very first Legendary Ulrich. Remember Ulrich gives +1 attack to all allied Lycans on the field.
  3. Velkan will eventually become legendary!
    Velkan levels up the more players join the game. He has already levelled up once since being listed for sale. You can see how many players have logged into the game and his level up table at
  4. Dynamic rewards
    Still finalising the details but we will soon have a series of initiatives to reward owners of our dynamic cards (Velkan, Crimson Paladin and Mistress of Nightmares). This will likely include but not be limited to periodic draw entries and airdrops.
  5. The price-performance of previous dynamics
    All our dynamics including Velkan are fixed supply (will only ever be 2000 Velkans). As the player base grows they both become rarer and more powerful. Crimson Paladin and Mistress of Nightmares currently retail for 4x to 20x their original sale price. Buy a Velkan today or pay more on the marketplace in the future!
Buy a Lycan pack for your chance to win Ulrich!

Buy your Lycan pack today from the Kingdom Karnage online shop:

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