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Introducing $KKT

Kingdom Karnage’s new decentralised BEP20 token

Today we are thrilled to announce Kingdom Karnage will be getting its own decentralised BEP20 currency, $KKT.

$KKT will replace red gem currency everywhere it is currently used in-game, with more utility on the horizon.

Planned functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Voting - Join in the governance of Kingdom Karnage and be rewarded with $KKT.
  • King of Karnage - Receive $KKT for holding and defending your throne.
  • Catacombs Key Rentals - Lease your keys to other players for $KKT.
  • Auction House Sales/Rentals - Trade and lease KK assets for $KKT.
  • Pack Purchase - Purchases items directly from our in-game store in $KKT.
  • Dungeon Boosting - Use your $KKT to hire mercenaries (other players) to escort you through a dungeon.
  • Tournaments - Compete in regular and one-off tournaments for $KKT prizes.
  • Guilds - Pool $KKT to buy resources to gain access to a new and unique dungeon.
  • Ingame drops - $KKT will drop in some modes. This will generally be reserved for premium modes such as Catacombs.

Why are we decentralising the game currency?
Play & Earn
is the future of modern gaming and at Kingdom Karnage we want to push in-game earning to the next level:

  • Rewards that excite & engage - Encouraging you to improve your account knowing that doing so will lead to more earning potential.
  • Adopting the latest technology - True player ownership of assets available through Enjin’s Jumpnet and smart contracts.
  • Player-first focus - Providing more earning potential with our innovative game features and new ways to earn whilst you play.

With a significant number of $KKT reserved for promotions and in-game rewards, the decentralisation of the currency will see us multiply the value of in-game prizes. Players will see existing prizes such as the monthly PvP league significantly increase in addition to the introduction of fresh giveaways, leagues & contests.

Community growth preparation
To date, Kingdom Karnage has been developed solely by Nick, though recently you will have noticed the team is starting to expand. We are growing the team so that you will receive regular game updates, higher-quality advertising, more prizes, more community engagement. At the same time, we will prepare our infrastructure for handling larger numbers of players enabling us to grow our community confidently.

Two chains
$KKT will be on both Binance Smart Chain & Jumpnet enabling us to provide a DEX with sufficient liquidity and also support $KKT within the Enjin ecosystem.

At a later date, we will reveal details about Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and Centralised Exchange (CEX) listings.

We have no doubt that this reveal will generate as many questions as it gives answers; fire them over to us.

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